Euphoric Temptations

Au au au~ Upcoming stuff Okie dokie. This is a post about stuff that I’m getting, might get, and decided not to get. Reason for this was because I needed to evaluate my monetary standing and the possibility of the Japan trip at the end of 2008. This is a basically my shopping list of such in terms of figures and possibly dolls, so if you don’t want to pry into this, just ignore the post ^^; But if you like to see some new upcoming stuff that you may be interested in, go on ahead and continue.

Dollfie Euphoria

Moé Idolatry Article Dolls Dolls, yes, it’s one of those things where most adults would go “You’re such a child” or “you’re a boy…” Fair enough, I am a male but I also have fairly weird hobbies and likes compared to the norm of a western world society. Today, I’m going to discuss a lil on dolls, specifically on how I found out, and why I’m interested. If you’re already here I assume you like anime figures, if you like anime figures I assume you’ll be open minded on dolls as well :3