Post Mortem

Peace@Pieces Death Sensei Super big large huge delay! It’s been a while since I updated this site with actual content. But I digress, today I’m bringing you Death Sensei! I received her a while ago as some of you may remember from an earlier post, and I felt that it was a good idea to keep up to date with the Peace@Pieces series of figures from Alter. So, after a long wait, a new photo shoot!

Peachy… Death?

Peace@Pieces Hikaru – God of Death ver Aah~ Here’s my little Hikaru :3 She’s a cute lil one. Hikaru is also from Peace@Pieces and is done by the same company that did Nagi in the previous post. Hikaru Momose in her God of Death attire, cute as any other death clad heroine, she is here before you sprouting her bubbly happi-erm, death… Bah, whatever, here’s the photos :3

White Death

Peace@Pieces Nagi – God of Death ver Wowie~ A photo shoot! Sorry about the delay, I got classes now and it takes a lil extra time to process the photos~ ^^; This photo shoot is slightly different as the location wasn’t pre-determined beforehand and is one of the larger groups I’ve been in, four people as opposed to two. Today we get to see Nagi Akizuki in her God of Death attire. I can’t help but wonder on how she would kill you… Oh, I never played the game by the way. Peace@Pieces is a eroge by Unisonshift, with gorgeous art from Ito Noizi. The game was basically about… ok, I don’t know that either, moving along.