Himekuri’s Chaparral

moda Nero Himekuri Image Girl Eighth post! This time it’s one of my friend’s figure revisited, welcome back Himekuri :3 These photos were actually taken a day after the previous Himekuri post along with Saber and Mizuho. Since this is a set of new photos of an already existing subject matter, I’ll skip the petty details and continue with the locale and photography topics.

Himekuri’s Grove

moda Nero Himekuri Image Girl First post! Here’s my very first outdoor photo shoot with my friend’s figures. My figures were still being shipped from Japan via surface mail from my trip around Akiba and various places. Anyway, this photo shoot is to showcase the figure, a sort of gallery of nicely taken photos, with some emphasis on reviewing it. Unfortunately with these early photos, it doesn’t look all that great, and they certainly don’t show the model to the full extent. Hopefully this will change in future photo shoots. This particular photo shoot was taken on 11th October 2006, right now I’m going to be posting photo shoots from this date onwards.