Xmas came early!

GOOD APPEAL!! Japan Packages Today, I got what I wanted for a whiiillee~ I have a friend who’s staying in Japan for a year on the JET program (teaching english etc). Now, he’s also a fairly obsessive otaku and a kind one at that, he’d get stuff that I wanted from Japan that would otherwise be unavailable, or too costly for me to get.Today two packages came in the mail from him :3 This is all the things he managed to get for me during that whole summer event period in Japan, I wish I had given him more money… Again, apologies for crappy indoor shots~


lolololol Tsuruya OH MY GOD! 1/4 scale of Tsuruya by FREEing was just listed on Hobby Stock. I didn’t expect that, I was thinking they’d do Yuki next, not Tsuruya. Well, I’m estatic, but I’m trying to hold my urges to purchase her as she is my favourite character in the Suzumiya Haruhi phenomenon.