Panzerkampfwagen II

Panzer II Ausf. F

German Armour

Hey look, Moé Idolatry actually updated :O
Today, it’s a short post on two figure I just got in that I *HAVE* to show.

Some of you may know (or not…), I’m a huge fan of Mecha Musume, particularly Shimada Fumikane’s (or Humikane) work.

So when I heard about these two I instantly pre-ordered ^^;

So, here’s the two Panzerkamfwagen II (20mm armament) Ausf. F – Sd.Kfz 121

May as well start with wallpapers, the next three are at 1920×1080

Panzer II Ausf. FPanzer II Ausf. F Europe CampaignPanzer II Ausf. F Afrika CampaignPanzer II Ausf. FPanzer II Ausf. F

Bonus! Here’s a custom weathered Stug III Ausf A Mecha Musume trading figure.

Stug III Ausf. A

Here’s some specs :P
1/10 Scale PVC
Comes with interchangeable legs (mecha type and normal type)
Interchangeable right arm (up position and down position)
Hats are magnetically attached.
Photos showing mecha legs and switched heads.

8 thoughts on “Panzerkampfwagen II

  1. I fooled myself and went in from a fellow blogger’s blogroll feed seeing the title’s post (since I am a WWII fan); should have noticed the title of the blog XD

    I am not big into mecha musume, but those that are fused with military vehicles I see do retain some of the traits. In the tank girls it’s usually the gun and the gun mantlet that is easily identifiable.

    I like how they keep things pretty faithful to history there – including the colour schemes i.e. early Feldgrau and DAK desert tan!
    Q recently posted..Something New

  2. She was close to Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas was close to Ringo Starr and thus The Beatles. Tsunku was jealous of that fact so he sakced her. It’s a simple story that’s happened so many times in the enterainment industry. Star meets tank engine. Older producer gets jealous. Star has career prematurely ended. That’s why Aika is still in Morning Musume. She’s the one person you know there’d never be a scandal about. Because nobody would be sick enough to shag her.Personally I half expected a sixth gen member to go next. I was hoping it’d be Sayumi. I like her looks but her personality is becoming less and less what I like in an idol and the whole I’m cute act reminds me of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. She’ll still be doing it and dressing in idol clothes in her 70 s. Knocking around her apartment wondering where her fame went and cooking dead rats to serve to the still successful Takahashi Ai. Plus she’s as bad a singer as Koharu. Of the rest Aika is invisible except for the times when she is really annoying. Linlin has no personality. Eri barely has a personality either. Morning Musume is all about graduations and new recruits. It’s just this feels bad because the personalities in the group have never seemed so weak. I’m a huge Ai-chan fan but would have to concede she doesn’t have the liveliest of personalities. In fact if you look at the Yorosen episodes it was only Koha and Junjun who really provided any laughs. Koha for her mental, almost anarchic approach to presenting a tv show (a bit like Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson transplanted into the body of a cute idol) and Junjun for a panda suit gag and some funny banter with Momoko. I just really hope that there are some new members soon and that they can both sing and have lively personalities. Some younger members might also help Morning Musume’s future musical direction. Kimagure Princess sounds like a return to a fun type of pop music but there’s been too much angst in other singles recently. Like with the tv shows shortcomings in recent years the singles have also suffered for a similar reason. A lack of fun. Who wants to see cute idols being deadly serious all the time? Ultimately I was shocked when I heard Koha was leaving. She’s my second favourite of the current group. But graduations have always been the norm and she’s had longer than a lot of members ever had. It’s just the group does seem lacking in personality right now. My thinking is well shit happens. I just hope Tsunku has a big shovel prepared.

  3. Well that sucks ass. While Koha was never my fave, I still adored her. Seriously, watch Sexy Boy PV and then let it hit you what we are losnig. She is a great member. I am not sure how they will fill her shoes. She simply needs to be there. She is part of the masterpiece. I love her parts in Onna, especially. I can only think this was her desire to leave and that Tsunku is letting her have what she asked for. I wish her the best. She will be missed but it sounds like she will not disappear to the fans. It sounds like there is more to come for her in the spotlight. I feel bad for my #1 mate, Shirow over there in the UK. Koha is his #1 fave and I respect it a great deal.If you are reading this, mate, fair dinkum, within 7 days from this moment a shipment will enter the mail system. How long it takes hell I might express international mail it. Yeah, I will. You deserve it. Be sure to chill the beers before trying them. (the Irish beers I am sending in addition to CD’s, DVD’s, and a flash drive of 250GB loaded).- Silver

  4. and I also love her single on Platinum 9. She’s not my fave (the only #1 for me is Miya), but I think she gets alot of bad cred. After AX there were a lot of us (JPH!P sters) that steeppd up and admitted we had done her wrong and that she’s a sweetheart.She’s not the prettiest or has the best voice. She does a damn good job and works frikkin hard for ALL the Morning Musume fans, not just for the 3 of us.(or 4 now)Since I’m new to Hip/J-pop, I haven t had to go through a graduation before. Koha will be my first. I am sad for her to be leaving Morning Musume, but am also excited to see what she will become next.Life is pain and change we deal and we move on to whatevers next.

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