OzAnimart Dollfie Trip


Dollfie Dream mini-gather

Today was quite eventful :D
A few friends decided to bring their dollfies along to mingle with each other, naturally I decided to let one of mine come along too. The location? OzAnimart, a lil anime store in Melbourne Australia.
Evelyn has visited OzAnimart before, so I guess it’s Arturia’s turn to socialise.

As I wasn’t expecting any photos, I didn’t bring my regular gear, instead I had to make do with my lil old faithful, the Nikon Coolpix P2 snapshot camera.

OzAnimart Dollfie TripOzAnimart Dollfie TripI borrowed Will’s dollfie’s black wig and tried it on Arturia, the result was pure sex (well… I thought so).

The next few photos include the other girls. DDDy Yoko belongs to a friend, and Aisha (DDDy Kanu) belongs to Will.

OzAnimart Dollfie TripOzAnimart Dollfie TripOzAnimart Dollfie TripOzAnimart Dollfie TripSo ya, overall a fairly fun day, always feels nice having friends who are getting into dollfies :3

The girls were also quite a hit with the customers who came into the store, one of which thought they were on sale XD

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