Happy Valentines~



Managed to get my girls some gifts in my busy schedule ^^;

Hope they like to share the bear too lol.

I thought about getting them cake, but I think I’ve been feeding them too much of it (in other words, I think I’ve been having too much cake…)

They look like they enjoy the bear :D
Though, will they share it nicely or not…?
Will I need to buy another bear? =/

Love bear!

Arturia seems to like the hearts, and Evelyn is quite content with it…even if she pretends not to.

Love bear!

Anyway, for those singles out there (technically me…), happy singles awareness day!

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentines~

  1. @Adun, If I didn’t work today I would of had time to get them both something ;_;

    @Haku, Happy SAD indeed ;_; lol, I still need to get around to watching Madoka~

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