Emerald Cham

Queen's Gate Cham Cham

Chammy Moéness

I had to endure 50km/h hot winds with the sun blazing down my backside as I crawled to the post office to pick up an equally hot figure.
Behold, cutely-sexy Cham Cham~

Thanks to Tokyo Hunter for listing this item.
This Cham Cham is the Queen’s Gate version of the Samurai Spirits character, illustrated by Blade (here’s his Pixiv).
The figure is a collab of Hobby Japan and Clayz, and as with most Hobby Japan exclusives, they’re pretty decent quality.

So, without further delay, here’s some photos.
Sorry that these aren’t nice outdoor shots… I’ll have to get around to another proper photoshoot sometime ^^;

Illustration of Cham Cham by BladeQueen's Gate - Cham ChamIllustration of Cham Cham by BladeQueen's Gate - Cham ChamIllustration of Cham Cham by Blade

Also, Happy New Year! :D
Let’s see how many figures I’ll get in 2011 OTL…

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