Petite Post 03


A lil update, finally getting ’round to mod the DecaDriver, and here’s Evelyn to help me out~

Got the mod kit from Yahoo! auctions Japan. I’ve already modded the DecaDriver but there seems to be a few problems, will have to see if I can improve upon the basic design, but oh well.

Ready to ride the wind!

Evelyn got excited a the sight of electronics and was curious:

Evelyn standing tall and ready!She also likes the T2 Joker Gaia Memory :3

I also had to help a friend’s dollfie, Tomoe (Volks DDII K-ON! Mio) with various things, I decided to let her try one of my spare wigs and clothes:

Tomoe suits pretty well with the T2 Eternal Gaia MemoryLooking super cute~
Super cute isn’t she? :3

On another note, I finally got a tripod, expect photos with less handshake blur :D

6 thoughts on “Petite Post 03

  1. Doubling as back-up photographer for EOY, I had the pvglireie to use Evelyn’s huge and undoubtedly expensive DSLR camera. A million thanks for trusting me with it!I’ll start off with pictures of the Cosplay Parade, pretty much the highlight of EOY, that took place at about 6plus in the evening. The Cosplay Parade began near the EOY Quest Booth, where EOY participants, especially cosplayers, were encouraged to join in and walk around Marina Barrage as one large contingency. As EOY’s focus has always been about making friends, getting everyone to gather together, take group photos ad exchange name cards / cos cards is a nice way to get the ice breaking. It was a hard to direct the large group of media people, cosplayers and talent ambassadors to walk amidst a large crowd of curious onlookers, but many people dutifully followed up.

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