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Ok, here’s the situation, I’m flooded with work!
This final year of uni is proving to be an uphill struggle of epic uphill struggleness that dwarfs all other vertical conflicts of attrition… perhaps not as cool sounding as I’m putting it but it’s hard nonetheless.

What I’m saying is, I’m going to have to focus all my time into my studies. This blog will continue to exist, but in a sort of weird suspended mode where my posts will be few and sporadic =/

For those interested in what exactly I’m studying, here’s a glimpse of one of my past projects earlier this year:

In-game character:
Leonie Schmidt
Valrlyn Ersatz System Plant1 Model01 Experimental Prototype Type A1

Screenshots from showreel:
VES-101-x/a1 Leonie Schmidt render still
VES-101-x/a1 Leonie Schmidt render still

Documentation page excerpt:
VES-101-x/a1 Leonie Schmidt character sheet

This was done over a period of 12 weeks, along with other projects (group game project, contract law studies and environmental design) so yea….flat out XD

Hopefully I’ll post some random photos every now and then along with a short rant on something relative ^^;

18 thoughts on “Status Hold

  1. Good luck and all the best with school work! No worries about focusing all your time on studies and not being able to blog as much you would like. That would be the correct way at least is what I believe =)

    Keep up the goodwork! =)

  2. Don’t you just love college? lol

    I can completely relate. I’m in my 4th year of Electrical Engineering right now (it’s still gonna take one more though just from the sheer volume of requirements), and I’m so sick of differentials…

  3. Whose the character designer… you?
    nicely done… when we getting a free copy :D
    why is there contract law… isn’t that under business law studies???? LOL

    I miss my uni days…
    It is 1st August 2009… heading to my 3rd year as a lame auditor trying to make a living… lol

    all the best and enjoy your days before you grad HAHA

  4. Danny, I can do better. I can sneak into his house and steal the poster for you, seeing that was -probably- from one of the Megami magazines I bought and gave to him (don’t put posters in my apartment). :p

    Seriously, it might be a bit difficult. It’s been stuck up there for quite soem time.

  5. @Kirakun, yeaup lol, you too!

    @danny, It’s…a lil hard to scan because it’s oversized, I can try to take a better pic or multi-scan for you.

    @Wavehawk, sneak in and you’ll have to deal with the dual glock weilding Arturia =_=

    @Pudding, ^-^b

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