Hometown Dollpa Kyoto 6


Doll’s Party

New Dollfie Dreams!

Dollfie Dream main site

For those who are super fans of StrikerS Nanoha, or Illya, the dream has come!

For those that don’t know, there was also an Escalayer Dollfie Dream Dynamite released not too long ago, for more info, go here

Nanoha Dollfie Dream site

Nanoha in the Dollfie Dream II body. I’m personally not a huge fan of it, but the clothes are really nice, and not to mention Raising Heart :D
Comes at a healthy 75,600 yen price tag @_@ (Arturia only cost 54k)

Illya Dollfie Dream site

Now, I’m also a huge Illya fan, but luckily I can manage to resist ANOTHER Dollfie unlike a certain other. Illya comes in a Mini Dollfie Dream body, making her quite short. She also has some optional dresses which also look great.
Comes at a 48,300 yen price tag ^^;

Relaxing Dollfies

I think these will be enough for me… but that Illya does looks tempting… *sigh*

4 thoughts on “Hometown Dollpa Kyoto 6

  1. The Nanoha dollfie just doesn’t seem right to me. Though I’m sure most Nanoha fans would still jump to get one if given the chance.

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