Gurren Lagann Dollfies?!

Gurren Lagann Dollfies??

More Dollfies!?

Nia and Yoko

Volks' Gurren Lagann Dollfie Dream Site


Oh my, as soon as they announce Nanoha and Illya, out comes Nia and Yoko!

Nia Dollfie Dream
Yoko Dollfie Dream Dynamite

For those that don’t know, most of the Dollfie Dreams that Volks releases are derived from eroge, such as the recently announced Illya and Nanoha. However Volks have seemed to have a deal with Gainax as well; re-releasing Rei and bringing Asuka to the Dollfie world.

Now Yoko will be coming out fitted with the new Volks line of bodies, the Dollfie Dream Dynamite, which Ikkitousen has already put to use. Nia will be coming out in a standard Dollfie Dream II body, prolly with a S or M sized bust hehe.

I’m very curious to see how Nia will look… I’d imagine it’d be quite a pain to get her hair to look right, especially with the colours. Yoko seems to be more feasible, and I wonder if the Sniper Rifle will be available too.

Gaaah! I hope Nia DOESN’T look great, otherwise I’d have to count my pennies again *grumble*

For more info (in moonspeak) you can visit their official site:
Volks' Gurren Lagann Dollfie Dream Site

Here’s a wallpaper for you guys, I recently acquired a new camera, Nikon D40, but the shot was taken with the kit lens ^^;

Gwendolyn - Odin Sphere

For those who don’t like the photoshop look, the original one can be downloaded here. None other than Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere is featured, awesome game for those who haven’t gotten around to playing it.

11 thoughts on “Gurren Lagann Dollfies?!

  1. what the hell man!
    where is kamina dollfie!!!!!

    hey aya… if yayoi dollfie comes out.. will you? HAHAHA!

  2. Little bit of good news for Dollfie owners; looks like Dragon Models (the guys who make 1/6 military figures that I collect) has started a 1/3 scale line, starting with the Glock pistol and the M14…

    Price is unknown at this point, but it might be somethign worth looking into, I think Dollfies are 1/3 scale?

  3. It’s not actually too hard, IMHO. Yoiko’s rifle is rather simple for a sniper rifle, almost like the AMAC Iver-Johnson rifle (though not the same, as we’ve seen). There’s a throwaway line in April 09 Dengeki about a 1/6 version of Yoko’s rifle somewhere, but it looks like it’s not the ‘full’ rifle–more like the trigger/firing mechanism, but lacking the long barrel.

    I’d guess a 1/3 version of Yoko’s rifle may be the same–in order to simplify it. A full-size version of the rifle might be 0.75 meter tall?

  4. Omigosh~ If I could ever buy a Dollfie, it would definitely be either Yoko or Nia x3 I’m leaning towards Nia though as I prefer cute outfits [I’d eventually get the urge to sew something, or at least attempt to xD;;]

    Dunno if you’ve seen the teaser for Yoko, but she’s looking quite dynamic so far and I’m liking Nia’s accessories x3

    Koshikos last blog ([site]) post – Where on earth is Koshiko!?

  5. @ron~, There’s currently some preview pics on the Volks DD blog site :3

    @pp, lol, you know you wanna dive into the dollfie realm XD

    @Kirakun, lol, A kamina dollfie would be pretty …scary? I dunno lol. If they make a Yayoi one….I’d prolly be poorer ._.

    @Clyde, Well, the DDDynamite bodies are more curvy so it could work~ Plus the busts are astronomical @_@

    @Wavehawk, Excellent, I’ll be trying to get those me thinks~

    @Hangmen, There’s pictures on the Volks DD Blog site, it actually looks pretty nice.

    @Koshiko, Ah ya, better pics there XD I’m looking forward to the Nia XD

  6. Yoko looks like she’ll be loaded. Nia looks to be pretty cool too. I was hoping to get a dollfie with tax returns but half the money seemed to just vanish into thin air within days. Maybe next year :3

  7. Some of the pictures in the blog does give a good indication of how she’ll look with the clothes, pretty nice imo~

    Nia looks surprisingly better than I expected, quite nice too :3

    lol, I know the feeling of money just disappearing….oh how I know lol XD

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