11 thoughts on “A Dollfie Valentines

  1. @Panther, XD you won’t stop at only one!

    @TheCamelMancer, Only time will tell~ :3

    @Adun, it’s no biggie, I’m used to it >.>

    @Koshiko, belated thank you!

    @Kippei, As did I when I first saw them XD

  2. I just realized, my Valentines was spent with you and the HJ fellas.

    Ah well… I loved your company.

    I later spent Valentines at Vedette with punks, a midget, some mods from Sydney and an awesome tranny.

  3. Nyu~~~I said that I’d never get a Dollfie, but seeing the two of those, I’m strongly tempted to reconsider. Ach, I have enough problems with 1/6 action figures.

    I still think you should try a photoshoot of Dark Saber doing that (provocative?) pose from the Hollow/Ataraxia poster.

  4. @Clyde – Awesome Tranny eh? Elaborate at HJ

    Ah yes, 1/6, I wish they made more poseable figures in the scale, just wish it was the standard, or at least made miniture things to scale to 1/6 figures.

    As for Yuri action….
    …. (Chocolate Covered) Hadaka Ribbon
    (Although I don’t think you’d want to get them dirty in any way though eh Aya?)

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