Best lì xì ever

Nani nani?

Happy Chinese New Year

Package is here!

Remember that mysterious bag? It’s finally arrived into my hands :3
Unfortunately I only noticed this cardboard box package at night, no one told me they brought the package in from the delivery man >.> That means I can’t get good photos.

So for now, all I can say is this is the best package I’ve recieved on a Chinese New Year :3
More photos tomolo when I have daylight…

Happy New Year! from Evelyn

Lì xì is what the Vietnamese call the red envelope tradition. Since I’m half Vietnamese I thought it was appropriate :3

6 thoughts on “Best lì xì ever

  1. Dang…that box looks big, but there’s nothing to really scale compare it to…

    It wasn’t too long ago I got a “funbox” in the mail…

    “Funbox, oh funbox,
    small and square and dark,
    funbox, oh funbox,
    check out these cool fun locks! Yay!”

    And I thought I spent a lot when I finally bought a PS3…

  2. “I’m guessing that’s a chair behind it.”
    I bet it’s a crowbar! :O

    And anyway, it’s a little late, but happy Chinese New Year!

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