Fade to Black

Yumemi Hoshino



I’m pretty distraught…
I’ve just lost a family member!!


It served me faithfully for 6 years, bringing me it’s 17″ CRT quality at 1600×1200 resolution for that time…
Sunday morning, I woke up as usually, preparing to go to work. I turned on the monitor and she slowly showed her glowing brilliance. I went to make breakfast and came back….it was black. The monitor was off, completely, not even the standby light is on, which it normally is. I checked to see if the power was plugged in, it was, I checked to see if the power cable was working, it was, I checked the power board if it was working, it was…

Death accompanying the recently deceased

All I heard in my head was “Isn’t it sad ;_;”
I then had to use the secondary monitor for that day and night, researching the most suitable monitor to get next.

The next day, Monday, I went out and bought myself a new LCD…now, I hate LCDs for various reasons and I wont dilly-dally into the details of why, but I didn’t really see a choice, plus they do have advantages…
Welcome the new Samsung 2253BW!

Love and hate this new monitor

Isn’t she cute? :3

13 thoughts on “Fade to Black

  1. @ron~, but I loved it ;_;

    @lu-k, but but, it affect all the moe I have to look at, either ordering new figs, or photoshopping the photo shoots D:

  2. CRTs lack the contrast clarity that most LCDs have…at least when you’re using digital inputs. Nice choice of monitor btw, Samsung’s are excellent quality even if they cost a little more.

    Although it is sad when part of what you’re used to dies, at least it wasn’t something in your main CPU like the processor or hard drive.

    Where’d you get that desktop wallpaper btw? That’s a really nice one…

  3. Ok next time I’ll point you to a good tree point and give you a rope next time you play a joke like that XD.

    The new monitor is awesome, I still use the same type of the one that died on you. The only thing I’m not very fond of these monitors is how they can burned pixels, and the monitor of my laptop has few ones and is “burned” in some areas :( but I don’t have enough money for a new laptop

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Kotobukiya Action Bases

  4. @mami, almost as good? o_O

    @Ez, thank you ;_;

    @Sagara117, the contrast was fine on my CRT, but this LCD is sharper, which is a given. If my HDD died I dunno what I’d do… And the wallpaper is from Studio S.D.T.

    @Deathy, I’ve been using Studio S.D.T.‘s art for my desktop since 15th November 2005 (yes, I keep track) ^^;

    @Deranged, Thanks ;_;

    @Rin, It’s ok, the old one is in a better place now….wait, no it isn’t, it’s in some dump I assume.

    @Belela-san, ^^; but ya, my CRT had some burn ins at the bottom where the taskbar is…not noticeable since well…the taskbar is there lol

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