Happy Bday やよい-ちゃん!! + AC6 & L4U! news

Happy Birthday Yayoi!

iM@S Birthdays


Happy Birthday Yayoi Takatsuki! XD

Helping the old folk :3

Did I mention Ace Combat 6?
On the 27th, Namco Bandai games are releasing the new DLC (Downloadable Content) pack. With previous packs, one iM@S character was featured, but with this pack there’s TWO. At 400 M$ Points each, they’ll be a hefty drain my my supply.

F-22A “Haruka”

The F-22A Haruka‘s stats are an overall improvement on the stock F-22A, with higher stats and SP weapon payload, but at the cost of regular missiles. This is really a nice addition for the top tier fighter.
F-22A Haruka
F-22A Haruka

Mirage 2000-5 “Yayoi”

Conversely, the Mirage 2000-5 Yayoi‘s stats are suited for air-to-ground missions, having the air-to-ground and speed stat boosted considerably, however her mobility, defence and stability is lowered. All weapons payload has been increased, with considerable note to the LASM (Long Range Anti-Ship Missile) from a measly 15 to 72!!. A nice addition to single player and co-op/siege multiplayer games.
Mirage 2000-5 Yayoi
Mirage 2000-5 Yayoi

A no brainer, I’ll be purchasing these two on the day of release XD
Another note is:

Shiny Smile

That’s right, the new song for iM@S:L4U! “Shiny Smile” will be released on the 26th! For those with the download card from the Limited Edition game pack, brush off the dust and get ready to cash it in!! :3

16 thoughts on “Happy Bday やよい-ちゃん!! + AC6 & L4U! news

  1. ummmm…. Aya….help…. I downloaded the new catalog but I can’t figure out where I’m supposed to enter the code….

    And just like they’re saying on the AC forums, Haruka’s going to kick some serious ass in the sky, lol.
    Looking at the stats for Yayoi’s plane though it looks as if it’s been remade into an anti-ground specialized F14.

  2. The Haruka plane is amazing, but it stalls fairly easy if you like to do slow bombing runs of multiple targets like me. If you’re engaging air to air or if you’re just doing a quick strike on a ship or something though, it’s perfect. Oh and I finally got the code to work, thanks!

  3. LOL wow that is some pretty cool dlc. Only game I think I’ve downloaded stuff for was Ridge Racer 7 on ps3. Think they had some code geass stuff one time, but it was so long ago and I already finished the game so I haven’t really revisited it. The idolm@ster decals look awesome on the planes though lol. Imagine getting blown up by a jet with one of those girls on it

    suneo’s last blog post..[Figures] Shana’s waitin for your (pre)order

  4. @Zeroblade, gogo, playre moar~ :3

    @Sagara117, I tried Haruka online….oh god, I saw like 3 others in the same match, AND LIKE A SQUADRON OF ZIPANG F-14D @_@ Haruka does stall quite a bit when I push her too much in High G.

    @Suneo, people do get blown up lol, but most of the time you’re too busy trying to get a good lock on the enemy to care what paintjob they have~ XD

  5. WOOOOOWWW…. Aya, although Yayoi’s plane may only be a Mirage 2000, I’ve learned NOT to underestimate it!!! Although it can’t turn very well at all, anything that can go from 200 to 1600 in less than 3 seconds is DEFINITELY powerful!

    I haven’t quite gotten used to it yet, but I find going in long strafing runs through enemy hairballs is the best tactic for online battles. And in siege battles or missions she is the fastest bomber I’ve ever seen….

    (In short, you have good taste! lol)

  6. Sexist!
    You don’t wish me but Yayoi!
    I know I am no moe to you…
    But I am your friend :(

    But of course Happy Birthday to you Yayoi :D

  7. Hi there!
    You got yourself a new reader! XD
    And I’ve got to say Happy Birthday to Yayoi!
    And Haruka’s Birthday is just in 3 days… :P

    Btw, shiny smile was released on March 27, I downloaded it… :)

    Oh, and I bought the Haruka F-22A Ace Combat 6, it’s kind of awesome actually… (Yeah, F-22 is one of my favorite jets). Is the Yayoi Mirage-2000 any good? I’d have to buy another M$ Point Card if I wanna buy that… XP

  8. @Sagara117, I tried the Yayoi Mirage, omg. From 1000 to 3170 in like a second (I’m using metric here). Too bad after 2500 speed she becomes nearly impossible to maneuver, and slowing her down takes years to do.

    @Kirakun, lol, oh right, I forgot, happy birthday :3

    @KevinP, welcome :3 I’m loving Shiny Smile, I’m hoping they’ll release the other songs like Valentine. The Yayoi Mirage is…”fun”. I’m still not sure if it’s “good” in online multiplayer dogfights tho… but she is fun to play with. It’s always cool to see a multiplayer game with all the im@s planes fighting.

  9. @Aya Kyunik
    thanks X3… yeah, shiny smile was great! I kept listening to it over and over again… I also loved the Valentine and THE iDOLM@STER (k Version)… which is why MASTER LIVE 00 is just awesome… Hm… looks like I’d have to buy some M$ points again to try out the Yayoi Mirage… XD
    I already spent all of them on L4U DLCs yesterday :P
    Oh yeah, I added you on MSN :)

  10. Hey Aya!! I ain’t seen you at ACS or Raider HQ for a while…What’s up?….heh, this site is still a little too high on the cute for my tolerance scale.. XP ..But, anyway, now I kinda see (at least one reason) why you hella geek-out over the iM@S jets XD. I got 2 after my brother nagged me to get ’em…DAMN!!! Haruka is the shit!!! Max Speed and A2A, with marginal increases across the stat board…incredible…And the Chihaya is pretty impressive too. An F-15 with decent/good mobility?…*in shock* My God…not to mention the SFFS-payload increase. Haha..I tried ’em out…I was pwning with adorable cuteness XD … I feel bad for the dudes in the Razgriz jets,…power owned by cute girl-jets. Oh got the Zipang too. In all its Cherry Blossom glory…Fear the pink mist. Sorry if this is hella long (T-T) I shoulda just sent ya an e-mail….oh well, too late now…

  11. I…really wish they released special decals for these planes, so I could just build them (I have no X360 and I thus suck)…

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