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Yowane Haku


Isn’t it sad Haku ;_;

There are some things which I just can’t stay quiet about, I try to not post random anime things here that isn’t really relevant to what my blog is about, so I refrain from post youtubes and the like.


This is something so incredibly moé that I died. And it is for that reason why this post is being, well…posted

Ok, this post will deal with two things, first off is the Vocaloid2 Yowane Haku (弱音ハク)

Yowane Haku #1

Here’s a description of Haku…source unknown:
“Yowane Haku (弱音ハク) – Her name means “Speaking weak words” (‘Speaking’ here has connotation of a pent up sigh or muttering). She gets her start from a thread in 2chan where a user commented “I bought Hatsune Miku for her cute looks but no matter how hard I try, I can’t get anything better than mechanical sounding songs out of her.”

Yowane Haku #2

An artist took this and ran with it to create Yowane Haku, an alter ego of all unskilled users of Hatsune Miku. Haku is a sad Vocaloid who just can’t sing as well as Miku. She is always crying because of her frustration and vents her frustration by drinking. Her image colors are silver and purple. Her character item is a sake bottle.”

Yowane Haku #3

Makes me want to go up to her and cuddle up, then share a drink lol. I must have some sort of weird complex for girls like this, which could be a bad thing for me =/

Yowane Haku #4

If you’re interested in Haku’s (lack of) singing ability, just do a search in YouTube, you’ll find her…
There’s another fanmade creation of Miku, Neru. I don’t know much of her but she dispises otaku, and refuses to sing and dance properly to spite the viewers. She has one ponytail to her left, yellow hair and black clothes with yellow trims. I’ll have to read up more on her as I’m not even sure if that’s accurate.

Yowane Haku #5

Second thing I needed to get off my chest is this:


Isn't it sad Haku ;_;

30 thoughts on “Vocaloid Love

  1. Her voice doesn’t sound bad… and her song was really sad… though I don’t really understand the song she sang, it’s sounds like she’s expressing the frustration that she felt… really sad song. One of those moe girls that you wanna hug tight…

    Apologize for this separate post.

    Samejima’s last blog post.. Bandai HGUC Zeta Gundam (Extra Finish ver.)

  2. @Samejima, her “singing” isn’t that great either =/ But yes, hugging is a thing that she makes you want to do.

    @ron~, lol, I’m ok with dojikko girls, but they are cute~

    @misakichii, on the left is Meiko, on the right is Kaito, they were the first generation Vocaloids by Crypton. Tehyr’e getting more popular since Miku appeared.

  3. Awww… I feel sorry for Haku…..

    I thought Neru’s voice in that video was funny though, and that Carameldansen clip always makes everything better!

  4. I know how you feel man. I like depress women. Dont know why, but they are more interesting than the cheerful ones. I work as a bartender (well more like assistance actually, still kinda getting used to it) at my uncle’s bar. I think i have some kind of fetish for depress women.

  5. yep Hugging is what you want to do

    something I just noticed Haku Miku and, Neru are like sisters well Neru is the evil one Miku the happy one and Haku the sad and drunk one well I see it that way

    well this video was a bit ehmmmm “weird” but somewhat funny


    o before I leva ehmmm I found this weird image I wonder who the other ones are


    well Bye bye thanks for the info on Yowane Haku ^^

  6. In the second picture, that group is called the Voyakiloid.

    The Black/Grey haired one is called Zatsune Miku, her hair colour is undecided..She is supposed to be the leader of them…

    The red-head boy is, obviously, Kaito’s other..His name is Akaito…go figure~

    The short, chibi Miku is Hatchune Miku.

    In the first picture the Black/Grey haired one is Zatsune..

    The red-haired phantom (sp?) like-thing is Juon Kiku…dun know anything about her either..

    The Green haired one is Acme Iku…don’t know anything about her….


  7. Acme Iku is the Vocaloid fanmade chara who create sound like in eroge..

  8. I am currently working on a plushy of this character
    do you know if there is a back and front colored
    profile of this character
    e-mail me or let me know thanks

  9. I dont care what they say about Yowane! Personially I like her, she has some kinda weird “laid back” vibe I like. She also like me, has a thing where if she can’t keep up she quits, but she dispite that, trys her hardest at stuff she has trouble with. I also like “Dark Looking” girls because I can actually talk to them withough them judging my every move like in High School (im in sophmore year so far). All in short, I like Yowane Haku dispite how anyone trys and says she sucks, or shes borring, or bad. I think shes quite good and with the right songs, could kick Miku Hatsune’s tiny ass. XD (I fear Neru tho….she may be friends with her but she will hate me cause im an MMORPG Otaku)

  10. Acme Iku is acutally a Maidloid, she is not fanmade. She is so pretty, and if you can do it right, she sings beauitifully

  11. Ugh, I played the new game and she was the first character costume thingy I unlocked. I think I might be a lesbian after reading all of this!

  12. Neru Akita is a vocaliod that represents people who give up on making a good sounding Miku and has a high pitched tone of her voice. Neru Akita is a good friend of mine…. always plays with her phone instead of doing orders like singing or dancing… haha… good times…

  13. Haku is a voyakiloid. she has no voice bank of her own but uses a specific set of settings of Miku’s VBs. She has official recognition by CFM along with Akita Neru. She was originally supposed to represent failed usage of Miku Hatusne songs. However since her initial creation she has been used to sing non fail mode songs as she has a lower frequency that the normally high frequency use of Miku.


    and because she is lower frequency than miku her psuedo english is more understandable as well.


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