I Heart You!

Late Valentines

Singles awareness day…

Happy late Valentines!

I know I’m late, but that’s what I do best :3
For those lucky couples, Valentines is a great day to spend together, whether it be to have a nice picnic, go out for a shopping spree, watch a movie, go to the beach or just cuddle up in bed.

For those unlucky enough (either by choice or not) to not have a partner, Valentines can be just another day, a day of roneryness, a day of envy or just a reflection of just how messed up your love life has been XD

Today I have a few important announcements, so read on if you want to be entertained~

Ok, onto business:

Super important notice

I am single

The REAL super important notice

lol, sorry, here’s the real announcement:
I’ve started uni, meaning most of my time will have to be devoted to it. This WILL have an impact on how much I update, I know I don’t update a lot anyway, so this may make my blog somewhat stale ;_;

I will try my best to get photo shoots done during my midday breaks and weekends/holidays. Perhaps I could even incorporate some of it into my uni work, who knows?

Apologies in advance for my slow updates ;_;

Problem figures

Ok, I has a problem!
Today I found out that my Max Factory Tsuruya has a problem from HLJ, seems like they have misplaced her or something…
This can mean just a simple delay for me, or it could mean that I’ll have to find another source for Tsuruya-san ;_;

Hopefully it won’t be much of a problem, since right now my net is capped (slowed down because of download limits) AND I’ve had to wait for my new debit card (last one expired) which means a few days without being able to access my account statistics (I NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE!!!). Oh well…

And now a lil thought about Valentines day, isn’t it sad that my only valentines is Evelyn:
Evelyn trying to cheer me up~

Which reminds me, I’m still shopping around for clothes for Evelyn, I think she’s getting tired of being called Yuki by everyone lol

11 thoughts on “I Heart You!

  1. ron… aya is lying
    it is H
    I can ensure you that!
    congrats on getting to uni
    where ya studying mate?

  2. @super rats, animation, I’m from a graphic pre-press area so this is something pretty new to me~

    @Kirakun, I didn’t say I didn’t get ANY H lol.

  3. oh god.. I forgot where’s there…

    P.S. My shana in the sexy candy bikini and C.C. is on the way.

    P.S.S. I didn’t know Live For You has animation and i didn’t get to preorder -_-

    P.S.S.S. Do you know I am broke?

  4. Don’t be sad, sing with me & you’ll feel better.
    de de de dede dum dedadi de de dum.
    pi pi pi pipong pipi pi pi pong

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