Kneading Buns

Tsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate!! Japan

Yakitate!! Japan

Tsukino Azusagawa

Okie dokie, this is the last set of photos I have yet to post. Today we’ll be featuring delicious Tsukino on the beaches of Phillip Island~

For those that don’t know, Yakitate!! Japan is an manga/anime about bread making…
Making bread may not seems so fun at first, but as with most manga/anime, it’ll make you want to become a baker in a moment’s notice.
Now to stop the urges of puns regarding Tsukino’s buns…

So without further delay, I present Tsukino~

Tsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate!! Japan 1


As mentioned, lovely Tsukino sits on the north beach of Phillip Island, an island popular for it’s resort houses and race track among other things. It sits about 60km away from central Melbourne, though getting there will be longer than that.

The beach has yellow sand and also some red rocky areas that houses an abundance of sealife. Behind the beach are shrubs and trees which hide the beach houses.

Tsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate!! Japan leftTsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate!! Japan right
Tsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate!! Japan back


No need for tripod ^^
The day was a nice sunny beach weather one, slight cool breeze with minimal clouds in the sky.
There was a few people but none of them came to ask what I was doing.
FLIES, freaking flies, I had to keep shooing them away with my hand before a photo, since they love to land on Tsukino’s buns >.<

Tsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate!! Japan 5Tsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate!! Japan 6
Tsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate!! Japan 7


This is my only Yakitate!! Japan figure, and my only swimsuit one to boot (unless you count Mahou SHoujo Neko X…). I must say I’m pretty impressed by this figure, but I guess it isn’t a surprised since it’s a product of Alter. Saito Fumiko has done a excellent job on sculpting a sexy yet..innocent? pose with Tsukino; from her arm under her hair, the lean of her hips, the high position of the older shoulder and her frilly swimwear~

The paintjob is also nice, with only slight overpaint on the swimsuit frills if you look real real close. Her skin blush is also very nicely done.

BUNS~!Tsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate!! Japan 9Tsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate!! Japan 10


Was a decent day shooting, with this batch of photos I had to make it a lil more bright as the originals were a lil bland. Overall I like the outcome, but what do you think?



Delicious? Lickable? Delectable? Whatever the description is, Tsukino is indeed an eye pleaser. I’m not a fan of swimsuit figures as I find them mostly boring, though this one did catch my eye, be it the look in her eyes, her pose or simply the low price lol. Whatever it is, I do recommend this to fans of swimsuits.

Tsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate!! Japan 13

Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
1st January 2008
North beaches of Phillip Island

Details – Figure

Tsukino Azusagawa (梓川月乃)
Yakitate!! Japan (焼きたて!! ジャぱん)
Saito Fumiki
Release date
September 2007
Place of purchase
That’s a secret~♥
Retail price
4,980 yen
Bought it for
$20.00 AU
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
Discontinued :(
HappySoda’s entry ENG

22 thoughts on “Kneading Buns

  1. I’m rather surprised that your photos have turned out well as I found that taking photos ont he beach caused the pictures to be overexposed. But of course I really need to try harder when it comes to taking photos. Great set of photos and a great figure. I should visit Phillip Island one day.

    Adun’s last blog post..Bamboo Blade – 17

  2. @Prim3, she’s fun isn’t she XD

    @Adun, I did find that it can overexpose when the sun is directly on her, but most of my photos were with the sun behind. Some of the photos were unsuable because of overexposure tho, which is a shame…

  3. This figure is really nice, the forms she has are very nice, the only complain I have about her is the front of her lower part, it’s just to plain, it looks like a surf board XD but besides that its a really nice figure.

    For the price you got her I would buy her also ^^

    Belela-san’s last blog post..1/35 Zeta Gundam

  4. beach shot suits her well :D she looks very pretty.

    I almost bought this figurine tho.. but cancelled it (too many figurines ordered at that time..), one of the best bikini figurine released last year :)

    ron~’s last blog post..1/8 Wendy ~ Max Factory

  5. @Kirakun, thanks :3

    @Zeroblade, hmm, I should try that, but being the lazy person I am, I tend to take photos at about 12-2pm ^^;;

    @Belela-san, never thought of it as a surfboard XD Ya, that was the only reason why I bought her, cause I had too many figures coming.

    @ron~, my friend luckily mentioned that the beach would be good for a photo shoot, he was joking of course…but I took it seriously lol.

    @super rats, hehe, I tried my best on the crop XD

    @Choo, Thanks :3

  6. wow these are some really great shots! I wanted to use a similar setting for the figure in my header post, but I didn’t really want to drive 30+ minutes to get to the beach for a photo shoot :o I don’t know how to take proper pictures yet anyway, and besides it’s been raining often these days here haha

    but wow these are some really awesome shots. Really brings out the best in Tsukino. Haven’t seen/read much of the show/manga, but she is very cute.

    suneo’s last blog post..[figures] Takamachi Nanoha from GoodSmile Co.

  7. @suneo, I know what you mean, I only managed to bring Tsukino cause I was going to Phillip Island anyway.

    @Rin, huhu~ I knew it was a nice place but I didn’t realise it was THAT great XD

    @misakichii, as do I, it was the firs thing that struck out when I had a close look at her on HappySoda’s blog.

    @lu-k, :3 sankyuu~

  8. Nice, you really have such lovely scenery over there! All I get here is rain and there doesn’t seem to be any raincoat figures being released T_T

    Got her as well even though I generally try to steer clear of swimsuit figures, there’s just something about Tsukino for me I guess ^^ She’s one of those characters I might possibly grab any version of ^^;

  9. hehe Tsukino really is an attractive character. I considered getting her pantasia uniform version a short while ago, but I figured I will try to look as much as I can into future releases than the past lol. Doesn’t mean that someday I still won’t get some version of Tsukino though haha

    suneo’s last blog post..[figures] My Mirei Sensei~

  10. Tsukino is a lovely girl. I wish we had more products and doujinhsi featuring her.

  11. I do hope that somebody binrgs it over onto dvd so I can watch it. It just looks like the kind of stupid I like. That 4th shot, is really what this figure is all about, the lines of her body. While the expression doesn’t bother me, I do think that it looks a little better off-axis than it does straight on, like in the 2nd to last shot there it just seems like she’s thinking about something.

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