cung chúc tân xuân~!

MeiFeng Liu - Shuraki

Happy New Year!

Postal Goodies

I’m part Vietnamese (the other being Thai/Chinese…) so I tend to associate the lunar new year as a Vietnamese custom rather than Chinese.
Anyway, yesterday I went down to the post office to pick up some goodies!

Shuraki box #2

As you can already see, my Shuraki box #2 finally arrived, that’s a shocking 2 months or so of wait… -_-;
This was purchased over at Kid Nemo Company. After a month, I emailed them to see what was the delay about, apparently there was a mix up or something… -_-;
I wouldn’t of known if I didn’t go and ask them myself, so I was a lil annoyed. Shipping and handling was also a lil steep since this was an American company, having the figure sent from Japan, to them, then to me in Australia… However, if you do happen to live in America, Kid Nemo might be a great option as they do update their products fairly fast, usually faster than HLJ from what I’ve seen.

Shuraki box #2 contents

So here’s my beloved MeiFeng, a figure I’ve been longing to get. I must say tho, I find myself getting Shuraki figures because of 3 main reasons, in order:

  • Their hair, Drill Hair~!
  • Weapons
  • Facial expression, grrrr~!

MeiFeng LiuMeiFeng Liu

Oh god, I LOVE MeiFeng, EVERYTHING, her unusual hair colour and style, china dress and that “ribbon” on her leg, her weapons and her general pose and “attitude” and HER LEGS~! No battle damage photo, same deal with Char, you’ll see it when I do a photo shoot :3

Next up are doujins and magazines which I received from my good friend Hectic3, without him I’d be… more rich… orz

Megami Creators Vol.10

Megami Creators, some of you may know it from a previous post. This is Volume 10 of the series and it has some very nice artists being presented, such as Kei who happens to have done the art for Crypton’s Vocaloid2 series.

This issue comes with a huge B2 sized poster, double sided, one of what you see on the front cover, and the other is an illustration by KOMATSU EEJI~! featuring Noriko, Asuka, Nia and Yoko as Mecha Musume as Gunbuster, EVA-02, Gurren and that thing that Yoko sits on…respectively.


YOU WA SHOOOOCK~!!! Some of you may recognise the artist from another previous post featuring the iDOLM@STER girls. Now it’s Vocaloid2‘s turn :3 I assure you, it is hilarious XD

Another day comes frontAnother day comes back

Next up is a Touhou doujin “Another day comes” by Claps Cat, non-H, and it’s something about Marisa having catears (instant win) and she wants it off…Alice gives her a kiss and POOF, they disappear, Marisa then proceeds to run away~

Something Crossing frontSomething Crossing back

Another Touhou doujin, this time by HappyBirthday. The cover is really really nice :3 The background has a holographic sheen to it. It also comes with an A4 oversized poster :3 This is also non-H, I can’t really tell what’s the story about, but it looks like a simple happy-go-lucky type one~

Now, I also received the long overdue iDOLM@STER Christmas for you! soundtrack, yes, I know it is now February, blame Hectic3 (I did mention I love you right? ^^;)

iM@S Christmas for you! backiM@S Christmas for you! frontiM@S Christmas for you! tracklisting

I haven’t had the time to listen to it yet, as I’ve been busy (in fact I just ripped it while I was typing this post) so I can’t really give a review, but what I can give is an opinion on the art:


So with that, Happy New Year!


Unfortunately I don’t know who drew that so I can’t link back =/
btw, I was born in the year of the Tiger, two more years to wait! rawr! >:3

21 thoughts on “cung chúc tân xuân~!

  1. Gratz on finally getting MeiFeng! ^^b Their facial expressions are really something awesome and I enjoy that aspect a lot too. More backlog for you now eh? ^^

    Am not too into doujins since it’ll probably add up into a huge expense for me so it’s one world I’d best avoid ^^; The album cover for the CD looks really awesome, something I wouldn’t mind getting if it were the longish-type posters that stretch on and on (super cute reindeers) xD

    Once again, grats on receiving all these goodies, and a Happy New Year to you as well! ^^b

  2. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

    I saw a copy of Megami Creators in Kinokuniya and I am rather interested to see what is inside since the artist for this cover is Nanao Naru, and I’m a HUGE fan of her work.

    Adun’s last blog post..Happy Chinese New Year

  3. Happy Chinese New Year
    Currently I am gambling to win some extra cash to spend on unnecessary stuff LOL

  4. @shino, I try not to buy so much doujins, I usually only get them when Comiket is on~ Yes, I got LOTS of figures I’ve yet to give the photoshoot treatment…

    @ron~, great purchase XD

    @Adun, Creators has lots of artist and their works, so if you like that sort of thing, go for it!

    @Setsuna-san, =/ Keep trying tho! She’s a really nice figure

    @Prim3, Thanks XD

    @Kirakun, gamble so you can give me extra cash!

  5. kong he fah chai!

    mmm MeiFeng looks pretty great. I wonder now if I should preorder her! I agree one of the great things about the Shuraki figures is the hair! The first three and sort of fifth series definitely have some funky/great looking hair (I love drill hair too! …but don’t have her :( ), but the fourth, Needa, is kind of plain lol… With that said, my only shuraki figure Needa is on preorder from kidnemo. Hope they don’t delay a month ><

    I wish I had a friend in Japan to hook me up! (If that’s where Hectic3 is lol)

    suneo’s last blog post..[figures] My Mirei Sensei~

  6. @Rin, ^^; thanks~

    @Honya, I got lots more Touhou doujins from my previous trip to Japan, but I can’t find scans for most of them ;___;

    @Figured, Ya, she comes out in April I believe~ Enjoy her :3

    @suneo, If you got the cash, go out and buy her! And ya, Hectic3 is in Japan working, so he has money to spend ;_;

  7. Funny thing is that I have a list of my pre-orders on my page…I could have just looked lol. I am so lazy. I’m sure I’ll enjoy her…2 things I love about figures; detail and hair…she has both :3

    Figured’s last blog post..Fixing Up My Blog

  8. @Zeroblade, I got a few of Komatsu’s posters, I’ll try to take a pic and show ya one day~ :3

    @Lustrous Realm, Ah, Luca is a nice figure :3 wavey clothes XD

    @rain, I got it from Kid Nemo, but the shipping was expensive (for Australia) and it was delayed for about 1-2 months…I actually got my Shuraki box #3 earlier than my MeiFeng….

  9. Oh wow, I got owned. I saw it on HLJ when it was still up for preorder but went out to get some food. When I came back, it was gone. Haha, I suck. I guess I wasn’t aware of how much hype there is for these. Gah! >:D

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