Your Majesty

Princess - Full Ani



Slow aren’t I? ^^;
Since some people wanted to see this figure so I decided to post the photos of it first~

Princess, that’s all I know about this girl’s name. She’s from Full Ani, an animated H game about Mahjong, some of you more keen people may recognise the artist.
While I havn’t played the game itself, I have er… watched the game ^^;

Princess - Full Ani 1


Ah~ In the background is the building next to the Old Arts Building, which is where Saber and Irisviel were, and to the right of the photo is the quad area where Nagi was.
Behind me is a large park area where it’s perfect for a picnic :3

Princess - Full Ani 2


No mini-tripod, but didn’t really needed it. The day was also cloudy so hence the white sky ^^;
It was however, windy as hell. I had to get my friend to literally hug my gear to stop it from fly away, and I had to take photos of Princess when the wind was calm to reduce the blurriness @_@

Princess - Full Ani 3
Princess - Full Ani 4


Cute :3
Princess has a certain innocence to her, you can’t even see her panty as there…isn’t any. She wears one of those baggy…things. Her drill hair is nice tho, I have a certain fetish for things like that ^^; The sculpt is quite nice, though there are a few noticeable seams on her hair here and there. Her pose is also light and cheery (if only I REMMEBERED TO TAKE A FULL FRONTAL PHOTO!). The paint is quite decent, but I’m not a fan of Kotobukiya’s painting for most of their figures, I find them way too glossy for my tastes, however this is a nice job :3

Princess - Full Ani 5
Princess - Full Ani 6


Shame about the weather =/ but it didn’t turn as bad as I expected I guess. Could be better ^^;
It was really really windy though, was hard getting a good focus with my shaky hands and wobbling figure.

Princess - Full Ani 7Princess - Full Ani 8


A bargain figure I purchased at Manifest, makes me wonder if it’s a fake…XD
This photo shoot could of been better as with most of my photos, but still, I’m happy with the outcome I guess. ^^;

Princess - Full Ani 9
Princess - Full Ani 10Princess - Full Ani 11Princess - Full Ani 12

Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
16th September 2007
Near the Old Arts Building – Melbourne University

Details – Figure

Full Ani
Munetoshi Makio
Release date
December 2006
Place of purchase
Manifest 2007
Retail price
4,200 yen
Bought it for
$35.00 AU
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
In Stock

Princess - Full Ani 13
Princess - Full Ani 14
Princess - Full Ani 15

I know I know, sloooow. I’ll try to get the rest posted as soon as I’m free, sorry for the long delays OTL

Princess - Full Ani

In-game illustration of Princess

On other news, The iDOLM@STER Live For You! trailer has recently been released, seems more like there’s more interaction with the actual performances rather than the behind the scenes issues like auditions. Go check it out at Gamersyde.

14 thoughts on “Your Majesty

  1. nice work in my university XD
    looking at it makes me wanna go back and study cause working sucks
    Cute figure but like adun, I doubt I will get it
    Wouldn’t mind making that picture my wallpaper HAHA

  2. I would of liked it a lil more if it showed a lil more…skin ^^;

    I had an excuse for taking photos of figures at the university at the time, since the anime con was on as well.

  3. @ron~, ya~ XD But the seams in the hair kinda bug me when I look close up.

    @valho, lol, princess running around the castle, i love that description~

    @shinohai, my place is like a wind trap, if I was wearing a skirt (work with me here) it’s be flying everywhere when entering my place.

    @Danny Choo, desho desho~

    Aya Kyunik’s last blog post: Your Majesty

  4. Yea, Macro can bring the worst in a figure, just like they can bring out the best.

    It looks decent with normal vision, unless you look really close ^^;

  5. Hi!
    I found this page while searching for large images of “anime princess” on Google. ^_^

    *Really* nice and detailed pics! The background of the area doesn’t look out of place at all, in fact it if was used for retail it would probably help boost the sale. ;) And of course I can’t automatically tell from the photos that it was probably a 30+ km/h wind going on during the photo session… ^_-

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