King of Knights

Saber - Fate/Zero



Well well well, I finally got this done.
This Saber was a Wonderfest ’07 summer special from the Alter booth, she also comes with Irisviel (NOT Illyasviel). I didn’t go there myself (no money…) but my friend managed to grab me the figures :3

For those who don’t know, Fate/Zero is a collaboration project between Type-Moon and Nitro+ being released as a series of light novels (Short novels with some pretty pictures). The story is actually a prequel to Fate/Stay Night and follows Shirou’s foster father, Kiritsugu Emiya.

Enough explanations, onto the photos!

Saber - Fate/Zero 1


Today we visit the south side of the Old Arts Building, Melbourne Uni. Iriviel was also photographed here.
The date was 15th September, when the Melbourne Anime Festival was on, so I took this chance to take photos of the figures around the beautiful buildings of the Melbourne University campus where the festival was held.

The south side had few people walking through, and it also had quite a bit of tree cover with slips of sunlight to come through.

Saber - Fate/Zero 2


As the photos weren’t taken in full light, I needed the tripod to help get clear photos, unfortunately to my poor memory, I’ve forgotten the tripod.
I had to try and stabilise the camera to the ground with my fingers as I hold the camera, didn’t work that well, but it worked at least.

Saber - Fate/Zero 3


For a non-scale figure coming in at about 14cm, I had my doubts of its quality, but they were washed away once I actually had a proper look of it.

Alter has done a really nice job of Saber (and Irisviel), the sculpt is superb, showing nice creases and seams of the suit, along with the awesome pose of Saber pulling off her tie. The paint job is also pretty nice, having different shades of grey for the clothes and having a very nice gloss coat on the shoes and a nice gradual colour for Saber’s hair.

Saber - Fate/Zero 4


Well buggar me, by not bringing the tripod to stop the blurry pictures, I had to scrap almost all of the photos I took, the handful you see here are the ones which were deemed decent enough to post -__-;

Unfortunately this is also the case with Irisviel and the other figures that I took photos of at Manifest, sorry guys =/

Saber - Fate/Zero 5


Sexy, is how I describe this rendition of Saber. There’s something about it that I like now, the pose, the clothes, the fact that she’s taking off her tie…I dunno.
I’m quite happy about being able to get this limited edition so I have no regrets, my previous doubts are smashed. I’m not sure what else to say other than I wish she was a tad larger in scale but that’s really about the only negative comment I can think of.

Seeing Saber does make me want to get the Max Factory Kiritsugu but I’ll have to check my funds first…

Saber - Fate/Zero 6

Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
15th September 2007
Old Arts Building – Melbourne University

Details – Figure

Adachi Satoru
Release date
August 2007
Place of purchase
Wonderfest ’07
Retail price
3,000 yen
Bought it for
$33.00 AU approx
Uh, rare? Can only be acquired through 2nd hand

Saber - Fate/Zero 7
Saber - Fate/Zero 8


Ok, I still got other photos to post, so here’s a list:
Irisviel of Fate/Zero – Alter
N@gi of Peace@Pieces – Goodsmile Company
Himekuri Moda Noel – Kaiyodo
Fate of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s – Alter
Princess of FullAni – Kotobukiya
Pachira of Magical Poka~n – Max Factory

Hopefully those will be done soon but I’m quite busy at the moment >.<;

9 thoughts on “King of Knights

  1. Universities are the best locations to take photos of figures as there’s a variety of buildings that you can use as backdrops. However it’s a bit harder for me to get to uni to do so since I work full time, lol.

    I know what you mean when you scrap most of your photos. In my early days, I had to redo some photos 3 times before I got the results I wanted. If you have troubles with camera shake, you might want to try a few techniques, like placing the camera on a steady ground, using the timer function of the camera, or trying holding your breath if you have to hold by hand.

    A nice Saber figure. Very clean and professional, but has that awesomeness of Saber. Though I wouldn’t buy her as I already have two Sabers.

  2. XD
    Yea, I tried placing it ont he ground when I could, but sometimes I needed the extra height but I had no items on hand that I could use as a platform, I always held my breath while taking the photos, and I used the 3 second timer as well @_@; I guess my hands aren’t that steady after all…

    I love university grounds, but I dunno if I’d do it on a normal day, not without a partner XD

    This Saber would be my second, the first being a revoltech, but I have 3 Black Sabers XD

  3. well RMIT isn’t a nice place to take…
    too funky XD
    I had loads of lectures in Old Arts -_-;
    Why why don’t you sell to me :(
    Pre-order the Saber (Fate/zero) from HLJ… not as cool as this -_-
    oh well lol

  4. Nice Saber figure, this was actually my prefer version of Saber from Fate/Zero but due to limited availability I went for Max Factory version instead, and that one kinda grow on me :) Nice pics though, I guess you have more pics to show if you have a tripod with you

  5. @valho, I don’t really like the Max Factory version, but then again I didn’t really like this Saber either. Like you said, it grew on me XD

    @alafista, thanks~ I was just disappointed that I forgot my mini-tripod to get more clearer pictures~

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