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iDOLM@STER Collection Part 1

Yesterday I received my package of iDOLM@STER trading figures, I’ve been waiting for these for a while. As soon as I saw the post office’s red and yellow package card in the mail box I immediately rushed out to the postie, it was close to closing for the day by the time I got there ^^;

For the photos you’ll have to excuse the terrible lighting, I still don’t have a proper indoor figure lighting setup…

The box 1


There have been a few iDOLM@STER trading figure sets in the past done by Yujin and I think Megahouse as well. To put bluntly, they suck ass =/

Including the figures that came with the iDOLM@STER Xbox360 Limited Edition boxset (which seem to be done by Yujin), the running record of iDOLM@STER figures seem to be fairly low in standard, and is one area in which I cringe at the thought of.

The box 2


The raiding


That is until I saw a few months ago when Alter were entering the ring with their own series of iDOLM@STER trading figures. Normally I try to stay away from any trading figures these days since they take up a lot of room once you have enough, but this was a definite exception.

Close up box

As you can see on the back of the box, this set only has 6 of the 11 girls, Takatsuki Yayoi, Amami Haruka, Hagiwara Yukiho, Akizuki Ritsuko, Kikuchi Makoto and Futami Ami. Not only that, but there’s two colour versions, the black (Twinkle Black) and silver (puririantopaaru..what ever that means >.<).

The black colour version
The silver colour version

I only managed to get one full set of the black version from this box of 10. The other 4 were silver and not complete. From the way they’re marketing this, I can only assume Part 2 of this trading figure set will had the other girls also in either black or silver. Let’s hope I get a full black one again ^^;

Takatsuki Yayoi <3

Some of you may also know there was a release of THE iDOLM@STER XENOGLOSSIA trading figures by CM’s Corporation, I didn’t get that… I’m not a fan of the Xenoglossia series, which could be likened to how Konata of Lucky Star puts it, listening to your favourite drama CD, then finding out they’re making it into an anime…with different a voice cast. Except with iDOLM@STER’s case, they also radically changed the story AND character designs. So you could say I’m against Xenoglossia in principle, or that I’m an anal asshole XD

Details – Trading Figures

THE iDOLM@STER Collection Part 1
THE iDOLM@STER – Video game version
FA4 – figure association for life… I think?
non-scale – approx 10-11cm
Release date
August 2007
Place of purchase
Retail price
650 yen per piece
Bought it for
$61.00 AU Est. for a box of 10
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
Discontinued :(
Alter’s THE iDOLM@STER Collection page JP
THE iDOLM@STER Official portal site JP


15 thoughts on “Here We Go!!

  1. @Wavehawk, oh you, why not come to my house and stare at them till your heart’s content~

    @phamolous, I know, I’m waiting for a few packages at the moment, and waiting for my pre-orders to be available, and waiting for pre-orders to open for order, and waiting for stuff to be announced for pre-order…

    Really? I kinda thought it was a cheap photo for using boxes lol, not to mention the photos are fairly blurry~ ^^;

  2. 12cm figurines are space killers =x, they take up more space than normal sized figurines.. but heck they are nice to collect and you get 4-6 per set for the price of 1 x figurine xD

  3. Nice figures ^^ They really look very nice despite their size and the fact that they take up a bit more space. Gratz on receiving them after a long wait but I bet they were worth waiting for ;) It’s always great to finally get something you really wanted =D~

  4. I try not to fall into the tradding figures trap (have already too much to do with “normal” figures), so I hardly decided to not order this pack. I still hope there will be some 1/8 or higher iDOLMASTER figures (not xenoglossia ones).

  5. @shinohai, ya, that feeling is awesome, like today, when I’ll go to the postie to pick up my uber special stuff which I’ll have a lil post about.

    @lu-k, same, I really really hope they’ll release iDOLM@STER figures other than that Azusa birthday special~

  6. @ Aya – Are you actually TEMPTING me to sneak up to your place in a cardboard box and make off with all of your Im@s stuph? ^_^

    If they come up with IM@s figurines at Manifest, I’m doomed…

  7. hahah wavehawk…
    i am trying to control my budget here…
    spent like AUD2,000 this month alone -_-

  8. One of the few occasions that trading figures actually look pretty good. My elder bro had bought trading figures from the Dead Or Alive series before (forgot what manufacturer) and dude, how the eyes are painted on the figure is enough to make Sader smirk and drool at her baloney sandwich.

    However, trading figures on non-human objects, like mechas and vehicles, are quite OK. I owned trading figures from the Armored Core series and they’re quite nice.

  9. Ya, I noticed that trading figures of humans can be hit or miss, mecha or monsters tend to look better like you said.

    I think I know of the Armoured Core series of figures you’re talking about and they do look quite nice~

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