Peachy… Death?

Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces


Hikaru – God of Death ver

Aah~ Here’s my little Hikaru :3 She’s a cute lil one. Hikaru is also from Peace@Pieces and is done by the same company that did Nagi in the previous post.

Hikaru Momose in her God of Death attire, cute as any other death clad heroine, she is here before you sprouting her bubbly happi-erm, death…

Bah, whatever, here’s the photos :3

Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 1



This is gonna be short as it’s the same place as Nagi… just right of where Nagi was actually, but only about 1 metre away. I’d like the plants in the back to have more of those flowering heads but I guess we’re too early (it’s winter here :3)

The first two pictures however, were taken inside the conservatory, you might see noise or blur due to the low light and no tripod =/ I hope one day I’ll be able to take pictures of the figures inside the conservatory, that’ll require me to get a proper tripod tho =/

Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 2


Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 3



Pretty much the same as Nagi except we had a white A4 canvas with us to help reflect some light back at the figure to try to stop those really harsh shadows… doesn’t seem it did too much ;_;

Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 4


Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 5



Cute! Hikaru is a cute lil one, her sculptor is the same as Nagi, Morikawa Hiromitsu. There’s a few seamlines here and there but I don’t really find them noticeable unless you’re looking reeaaaal hard at weird angles. Her stance is a firm one but due to her heavy hair at the back =/ So she needs the base to stay stable. The skirt is a cast off for those ecchi minded folk who like to display their figures without it or something…

Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 6


Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 7


The sculpt is a very intricate one in comparison to my other figures, she has four pieces of clothing that extends and has three gold rings on the end, along with the gold rings on her ankles, and other pieces of floppy fabrics, AND her hair, AND the ribbon, AND her muffler, you get the point.

Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 8


Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 9


The paint is also top notch, from her beautiful eye to the patterns on her clothes. The guns she hold, Truth and Lies are also nicely done, right down to their names on the side of the barrels.

Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 10


Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 11



Not much to say, everything was said in Nagi’s post ^^;
Still, I’d like it if there were more flowering plants at this time for photo shoots, perhaps I’ll take out Hikaru again when spring comes about. I like the conservatory as well, not too many people come so it’s fairly quiet, but when people do come they usually come in groups.

Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 12


Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 13



RIBBON PANTSU! *ahem* Hikaru is another figure that I rank above most others due to the sheer complexity of her sculpt, and one that I recommend anyone to get, should they have a thing for cute girls in cuter clothing holding the cutest guns. (what?)

Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 14


Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces 15


Some ecchiness for those of you who enjoy it… I know who you are.

Details – Photo shoot

Aya Kyunik & Adiroth
Nikon Coolpix P2 & Olympus SP500UZ
16th July 2007
Conservatory – Fitzroy Gardens

Details – Figure

Hikaru Momose
Morikawa Hiromitsu
Release date
July 2006
Place of purchase
Comic Toranoana, Akihabara, Japan
Retail price
5,300 yen
Bought it for
$56.75 AU
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
Discontinued :(

Original Hikaru Momose - Peace@Pieces

Original illustration of Hikaru God of Death ver

Hikaru Momose/Nagi Akizuki - Peace@Pieces


25 thoughts on “Peachy… Death?

  1. As for Nagi, great pictures! My favorite is the first one, with nice colors and not too bright :)
    The one you use as a vertical banner is perfect !!

    And yeap hehe, ribbon pantsu is a lovely feature ^^;

  2. the second picture which is in the conservatory is really nice cause i think the flower suits the hair…
    as for this figurine, i prefer this compare to the other.
    Innocent yet deadly…

  3. @lu-k, It was hard to get decent pictures inside the conservatory without a tripod >.< The vertical banner photo was taken by my friend Adiroth. Ya, I love ribbons XD @Zeroblade, and I like that~ @Adun, Ya, one of my favourites.

  4. Outfit-wise she beats Naig for sure. Quite impressive design.

    Great photos as. I guess you can’t beat the sun when it comes to light^^

  5. Hikaru is just right at home with the flowers, and I am always amazed by how great her costume looks. Hmm so her guns have name huh, didn’t know that

  6. Nice pics! Ever been to Melbourne once and that is one lovely place you reside in, as evident in your outdoor shoots. Lots of awesome architecture, scenery, and even though it was pretty gray weather when I was there, I still felt it was lovely. ;)

  7. @Belela-san, I kinda agree, I prefer Hikaru over that Nagi in terms of bosy shape~

    @byakuchan, Thanks XD

    @shinohai, Ya, we can get pretty crummy weather (but I like it), but we also do get some nice clear blue skies during summer :3

  8. Sure beats Vancouver’s weather though, it may have been lotsa gray in Melbourne back then for me but not a whole lot of rain like over here. And the architecture and all that ain’t so great over here as well compared to Melbourne.

  9. Man I love this figure, I prefer her a lot more than Nagi.
    Great pics! You’ve confinced me more and more to buy her. I guess I’ll buy her next month or in October on a Belgium webstore. Can’t wait to have her on my desk. ^^

  10. @shinohai, but but, I like rain ;_; I can’t much about the architechture, never been to Vancouver.

    @JapanAnime, Glad to help, she’ll be a good purchase XD

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