Wanna try my juices?

Kirakun's infamous juice...



Ok, I’ll explain this so called Kirajuice, a friend of mine, Kirakun here, has some sort of infatuation with Kira Yamato of Gundam SEED, but story is for another day. One day he showed me this drink, it had the look of diluted blood, so I was a lil hesitant, but it tastes AWESOME.

A mix of “100 Plus” brand Isotonic drink (such as Pacari Sweat) and Ribena mix (not the pre-diluted crap) will conjure up this fantastically refreshing drink. Only problem is the name… as weird as Pacari Sweat.

Just what the hell!?


As you can see, there’s been a slowdown in posts around here, I got no photos to show ;_; but I’ll try to post something entertaining here whenever I can, such as tutorials, new items I get, or just weird stuff that I really like. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to drink more of Kira’s juices.

11 thoughts on “Wanna try my juices?

  1. Haha that’s what we can call a bloody drink, in all the means of the term hehe.
    Seems good ^^
    About figure photo slowdown, we all have periods like this. Not easy to manage, but well, have to do with that.

  2. ……………. I knew I should of moved that tissue box >.>

    @lu-k, problem with me is I don’t go out a lot to take photos, I have to set out a day and also monitor the weather >.<
    I’ll have to get a good lightbox one day.

  3. What I want to know is where you get that Planetarian poster from? I’ve always wanted one of Yumemi like that as the one I have is of her sitting down.

  4. @Adun, I got that pencilboard by getting the planetarian Limited Edition + Bonus pack of the PC game, which cost me an arm and 3 legs through Yahoo auctions Japan >.<
    The other side has her in that praying stance with eyes closed and smiling… ;_; so moe~

  5. Don’t worry about outdoor shoot. Do indoor shoots =D

    Another weird drink would be cucumber Pepsi o__O

  6. HAHA!
    You actually did post.
    Good stuff
    A little history of this drink’s name, when Aya and the gang agroed me at my apartment, i wanted them to try something that they may not have it before.
    Aya and the rest hesitated but then later loved the drink. Great. They insisted to know what was it and i said Kira Juice. The looks on their faces was quite funny.
    The reason being I just hate them so much when they keep saying “Take that Kira!” when we play Gundam Seed Destiny Z.A.F.T Vs. Earth Alliance Federation(?).

  7. don’t worry about slowdown, we are blogging for fun, not as a second job ^^

    btw, the drink reminds me of inui juice in prince of tennis haha

  8. @David, but but, I like outdoor shots ;_;
    lol, I would like to try Cucumber Pepsi, I’ve had weirder drinks tho, things like Kickapoo Joy Juice…(shudder)

    @Kirakun, TAKE THAT KIRA~!

    @ron~, yea, but it’s no fun when I got nothing to blog about XD
    I have to try to remember this blog isn’t going to be only about figures, it’s supposed to be on things I like, be it the new game I got or that awesome poster on the wall :3
    I havn’t watched PoT so I’m not sure about this Inui Juice o_O I would like to try that real drink from Super Robot Wars tho…the one with Kusuha on the can.

  9. @ron~ The difference with Inui’s drink and mine is that mine taste great Haha!

  10. @Danny omg lol… i scrolled up after I read your comment…

    @Aya had my fair share of ribena and 100 plus but never tried mixing them before… i’ll have to suggest this to my friends

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