Fog alert *updated*


Melbourne weather


I love fog :3 In fact, I like nearly all weather abnormalities (comparative to local weather). The fog settled in overnight around Melbourne and has stayed throughout the day and continues to hang around till the next morning when some wind comes along.

So, why am I posting about fog? Cause it’s moe! I feel like I’m being hugged by a cloud :3

Morning Fog 1


You can see two things about the photos, one is that it’s foggy! The other thing is that my lens needs CLEANING! The hazy patches are the lens…the distant greyness is the fog. The first two photos are in the morning, where it can be fairly foggy at times.

Morning Fog 2


What does this mean to you people tho? Well… actually prolly not much ^^; BUT the weather reports (which lies most of the time) says that the fog will be sticking around till early afternoon. Meaning I get to have fog in the morning, PHOTO SHOOT TIME!!

Afternoon Fog

This is AFTERNOON (5pm) FOG!

Right now I’m thinking of taking my Pakira of Magipoka from Max Factory and Al Azif of Demonbane from Max Factory out for a morning photo shoot around the various Melbourne CBD gardens. Hopefully I’ll be able to capture a kinda of dense and looming atmosphere with the fog, which was supposed to be the case with Black Saber and Caren’s photo shoot. This will most likely be a solo trip, since I doubt any of my friends will be willing to wake up at like 6am to get to the city…

Anyway, right now the fog has made visibility prolly about 100-150m now where I am, I’m loving every moment :3

UPDATE: Stupid fog, it didn’t stay as much as I hoped for so I had to call off the photo shoot, when I woke up the fog was already moving away >.<

5 thoughts on “Fog alert *updated*

  1. Haven’t had much fog here in Sydney. A HELL of a lot of rain in the past week though, enough to flood the backyard.

  2. lol I heard about the NSW floodings, Melbourne needs rainfall otherwise MORE water restrictions, at least we’re better off than Adelaide =/

  3. Make sure you hide inside the church when you hear the loud sirens. Otherwise, Pyramid Head would love to play chase. When the worst comes to worst, keep a steel pipe, handgun and plenty of health drinks handy.

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