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Suigintou and Kirakishou by Drildoller

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Dolls, yes, it’s one of those things where most adults would go “You’re such a child” or “you’re a boy…”
Fair enough, I am a male but I also have fairly weird hobbies and likes compared to the norm of a western world society.

Today, I’m going to discuss a lil on dolls, specifically on how I found out, and why I’m interested. If you’re already here I assume you like anime figures, if you like anime figures I assume you’ll be open minded on dolls as well :3

The Beginnings

The year was 2001, Angelic Layer was showing and I was curious about CLAMP’s latest release. At first I thought it was some sort of girly version of Pokemon, and didn’t think too much of it.

So I saw the first episode and I was already hooked ^^; So much so that I had a small fansite running for it. Perhaps you ran across it? It was called Angelic Vision. Never heard of it? That’s fine I guess~ ;_;

The main premise was an owner, or Deus, that would buy and customise their doll, or Angels. The purpose was for sporting combat via a BCI, or brain-computer interface on a specially equipped table, the Layer.

Suzuhara Misaki and her Hikaru

Angelic Layer

This got me all hyper about dolls, so I did some research and found out that there are dolls out there that aren’t just for little girls. I always knew about those porcelain dolls and such, but now I have just discovered the world of ABJD, asian ball jointed dolls. At first I was somewhat hesitant to delve further since the ones I saw wasn’t appealing to me. It would be a few more years till my interest rekindled.

The Return

The year was 2004, Rozen Maiden was showing and I was ecstatic. Remembering the good old days of the futuristic setting of Angelic Layer, I had finally found a series that had dolls as it’s central plot, but this time they’re more closer to the dolls you’d find in stores and, dare I say, museums.

Some of the Rozen Maidens

Rozen Maiden

This was possibly the trigger, I was learning as much as I can about ABJD. Obsessed with them I came close to purchasing one, but opted for a PC upgrade as my logical mind decided. ^^;

The Methods

How did I start researching? Google my friend, it has the answers, and if it doesn’t, it has links that links to others for the answers. I read about them from site to site, and one of my friends also purchased a doll so I asked her quite a few questions about them.

Leya from Dream of Doll

Leya, a “Dream of Children” doll from Dream of Doll

I also looked at major doll companies to get the feel of each brand. I realised that people tend to like different dolls for many reasons, size being one of the main reasons.
A few sites I checked quite frequently in the day were:
Den of Angels, they have knowledgeable people who are also friendly. The information you can find there is priceless, from how to shop for a doll, how to care for one, customisations, new releases, opinions and discussions, photos and even services for hire.
Volks, one of the major doll companies, they’re the creators of SD (Super Dollfies) that have become wildly popular across the globe. The series of dolls I like are from their Dollfie Dream section, I’ll go more into it later.
Dream of Doll is a Korean based company, unlike Volks which is Japanese. They’re dolls are simply gorgeous, their photography is also top notch, so even if you just want to see dolls then the site will suffice. The friend I was talking about has bought a doll from DoD.

The Attraction

Ok, I’m still a lil confused on exactly why I like dolls, perhaps it’s their innocent nature, maybe their representation of artificial beauty, or perhaps all I really need is a hug ;_; whatever the reason is, I like them. But which dolls out of the many do I like~?

Kotori from Volks

Kotori of Da Capo, a “Dollfie Dream” doll from Volks

The doll I came close to buying was Shirakawa Kotori, from D.C. ~Da Capo~. She’s a DDII doll, from the Dollfie Dream line of Volks. Dollfie Dreams IIs aren’t actually real ABJD as they’re not strung up like the conventional doll, instead they work on an inner frame. They’re closer to action figures than dolls in terms of mechanics. They’re also made from vinyl, a lighter material and have better retention of posability. They’re three body types in the Dollfie Dream series, DDI – the original which is strung, DDII – an improved version with the inner frame and MDD (or something) which is the new Mini Dollfie Dreams. The character Dollfie Dreams such as Kotori, or the recent Suzumiya Haruhi are limited editions and are only available through the Volks hosted Dolpa, or Dolls Party. If you want one, either get your butt to the convention, or suck it up and buy them over auction sites such as Yahoo Japan.

Shall from Dream of Doll

Shall, a “Dream of Teenager” doll from Dream of Doll

Another doll I liked was Shall, and generally most of the dolls that Dream of Doll have. Like other dolls, Dream of Doll produces strung resin dolls, their main two lines of dolls are DoT and DoC, Dream of Teenager and Dream of Children respectively. DoD tend to have a very good photo shoot with each doll that is made, it’s another goal of mine one day to take such beautiful photos of dolls (as well as my figures too!).

The Dream

At the moment I’m still planning to get a doll eventually, possibly within the next 2-3 years. Which doll to get will most likely change a lot, and will prolly depend mostly on availability and cost. Oh, I havn’t mentioned the cost have I? Last I said was either a doll, or upgrading my PC. The cost of upgrading my PC was $1400AU. The cost of getting a doll would prolly reach that in the first purchase (doll, clothes, accessories, maintenance tools) so it can be fairly expensive. Don’t think that getting a doll is a one off purchase, you’ll be wanting lots of clothes and items for the doll. Dolls will easily reach a few hundred AU dollars, possibly into $1,000+AU, unless you get those 1/1 scale dolls which are usually fully equipped if you get what I mean ~_^ The posable Al Azif (which isn’t fully equipped) from Papermoon below, will cost 330,000 yen, or about $3,175AU at the time of writing…

Al Azif from Papermoon

Al Azif of Demonbane, a 1/1 doll from Papermoon

Another aspect I might want to do is completely customise a doll to resemble a Rozen Maiden. There are a few around, one of the more popular ones are Dridoller and Sakura Color. Both have galleries of their dolls, and specifics on the parts and customisations of their loved dolls. So if you ever wanted to try to build one, all the parts are listed, though some may require customisations. Just look at the dolls!

Suigintou from Sakura Color

Suigintou of Rozen Maiden, a custom doll by Sakura Color

Super sexy pose Kirakishou from Dridoller

Kirakishou of Rozen Maiden, a custom doll by Dridoller

The Reality

Right now, no dolls in my collection.
It’s all PVC love at the moment, but I do plan to get a doll, I will get a doll, in the future, just deciding which one is the hard part…

If you’ve read this far, or even bothered to skip to the bottom, I congratulate you, my writing is prolly boring people to death, but I have no idea since they’d prolly leave before telling me XD
This is the first “article” post I’ve had here, they’re basically a rant ab- I mean, a section about items of my interest. As you might know, this blog is about things that are moé to me, or things I just worship for unknown reasons, but an article post is a more comprehensive look at why I like them. Do I write too much? ^^;

Anyone like to share their doll experiences? Perhaps even own one?

53 thoughts on “Dollfie Euphoria

  1. and i thought collecting pvc figures is expensive. these dolls do looks good though, but the cost is just too high and they need even more storage space than pvc

  2. *If you’re already here I assume you like anime figures, if you like anime figures I assume you’ll be open minded on dolls as well :3*
    No, i don’t like anime and anime figures. I just watch 24+ types animes currently with 1 figure and many model kits tee-hee ^_^

    I thought Angelic Layer was a hentai. I was wrong haha. Well sorry! i got exposed to anime end of 2002.

    That’s this topic’s derail.
    Kotori and kirakishou looks reallly nice but obviously expensive. With A$1000, I could like get a HDTV for the ps3. Chances of getting such dolls are 0 for me. Oh i really like that bot ;) that i don’t mind having.

    Are these life-size dolls? Frankly speaking, after watching that documentary about some businessman who rented an apartment for his dolls kinda freaked me out. I would never think of myself purchasing those dolls since that day.

  3. @valho, yea, a typical doll can cost $450-$800AU depending on which one you pick, and of course the extras. Space can be a problem, yes ^^;

    @Kirakun, These dolls can be from something like 20-30 cms to a whopping 80-ish cm. the ones I’m looking at are about 48 cms. The life size ones are either dolls, or love dolls, I’m talking more on the dolls, NOT the love dolls in which……

  4. I like to have one(especially al-azif) but visitors might find me weird or even call me gay since dolls(even targeted for males) aren’t common here. My dad saw my figure collections ranging from 14-25cm and he thought that I was collecting barbie dolls… let alone these female dolls. hahah

    right now, my figure closest to these dolls is my Real Action Heroes Asuka in dress version by Medicom which stands 27-29cm. This figure was mis-sent to me by play-asia and it was supposedly Wave’s Asuka Sugo figure.

  5. Hehehe, love dolls are actually worth all that money, they are quite bit harder to make because they actually need a skeleton structure (and a semi-medicially accurate one, their joints have to bend the right way) and on top of that a realisitc skin both visually and to the touch.

    I’m told the inside of the factories that make them look alot like a terminator factory.

  6. @samejima, my mother had a period where she would ask if I’m gay cause of all the plushies and figures I had, but I still don’t understand why she would think that considering all the ecchi posters I have. Wouldn’t it make sense to ask if I was gay IF i had figures of all males and posters of males… oh well XD

    Ah, I think I know which Asuka you’re talking about. I didn’t really like those but I guess I’ve been spoiled by the more expensive versions ^^;;

    @Temstar, now the question is…are you willing to fork out that much money~ XD

  7. Hahhah… right2x.
    A real man collects <s>naked</s> female figurines! not a male figs. those who’re not into anime won’t understand this hobby of ours.

  8. lol, agreed, there’s only 2 things I consider that doesn’t seem suspicious to me.
    1) Figures of girls (usually ecchi in some form or another)
    2) Figures of soldiers (always with weapons of some sort)

  9. these dolls quality are very good.. especially Shall, she doesn’t even look like a doll

    those custom dolls look like figurines (but better!) @_@

    btw /rofl for your comment “my mother had a period where she would ask if I’m gay cause of all the plushies and figures I had” haha

  10. @samejima, XD CAST OFF~!

    @Burberry, ah~ I wasn’t so interested in Pullips~ =/

    @ron~, the quality is great…so is the price tag. I love those custom dolls XD

  11. i thought he was gay too… so many plushies but hell it is soo nice to sleep with ^_^
    Ah i didn’t love dolls are different. But wouldn’t it be cool to make these into love dolls then? I am just asking due to curiosity!

  12. I’ve always found dolls to be somewhat scary. Don’t know why, but like when I was a kid all alone at night during a rain storm at my mom’s house, this one doll she had in the living room creeped me out so much I wouldn’t look at it.

  13. A good friend of mine is a Dollfie collector and I have seen a few from her collection (she has 8 Dollfies!) and boy are they beautiful. In fact she showed me pictures of particular ones that I would be interested, like the Kotori one, and I am so tempted to buy one. But of course $1000AU is a lot to ask for, and it isn’t for those who aren’t interested. However I do plan to buy one myself hopefully before the end of the year. So lets see who gets one first!

  14. lol, You’ll be getting it first, I’m planning to get one at the end of next year~

    Unless something drastic happens and I buy one earlier…but I’m not sure since I’m still having a lot of conflicting choices of it, which company and which type, or go for totally custom, and should the custom be based on something original, or something existing such as Rozen Maiden, augh the choices~~~ @_@

  15. Those porcelain dolls are so darn scary. It’s just like super rats said. They have those glassy, empty eyes o_O scary…

    That Shall doll is beautiful though. How come it somewhat reminds me of Mena Suvari…hm.

  16. Yohoo~! It is I, the little sister you never wanted. :’D
    Just wanted to say, if/when I ever buy a BJD it would definately be from LUTS. (To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about BJDs. Tear. But LUTS have some fine dolls. Well, that’s just me.)

    And snap, you get the whole “are you gay?” thing too? Parents are cruel, aren’t they?

    Well, I’m going to leave you alone now. Hope you didn’t mind me invading your space. Cheers. 8D

  17. Luts are fairly popular, I havn’t had a great look at them tho so they havn’t caught my attention =/

    And I swear to god, anime has slowly changed my perception of a “little sister”… I can’t think of you the same way I did before >.<

    Only thing is, you don’t call me “onii-chan~” lol XD

  18. …you should have gotten the Kotori doll. It’s probably one of those “It’s expensive, but it’s worth it to see all the fanboys squirm” things worth having. :p

  19. I’m still wishing I had the money to buy the Dollfie version of Nemu wearing a white polo shirt top…

    …and nothing else. ^_^

  20. If that is your Suigintou, how much did it cost? I am
    dying to get that doll! I will do anything to get Suigintou, Suigintou is AWESOME! I wish she would
    come to life too! ^_^ but then again that would be kinda creepy! O_O

  21. Ok. I collect asian ball joint dolls, aka bjd’s, aka dollfies. Some people think Dollfies are only from the Volks company, but it is also used as a generic term for bjds.
    Dollfies are a major commitment and are not your garden variety Barbie. You have to know how to upkeep your doll and handle it properly. I do not make my dolls but I customize them by painting their faces, changing their eyes and wigs and outfits to really make them MINE. That is the wonderful thing about dollfies….YES they are pricey but it’s like thousands of dolls in one! Don’t let me deter you in any way from getting one when I said you have to know how to take care of it- but a dollfie is an investment and can be a great friend, model, hobby, whatever you decide to put into it. The first thing I did and best advice I can give you is do what I did- join the free forum, Den Of Angels. There are members there wayyyy more knowledgeable about bjds than I. Even if you never get a dollfie, the eye candy alone is worth joining! lol. You can make new friends there, find out about all the different brands and companies that sell bjds, outfits and more. Dollfies are jointed and held together with an elastic that helps them pose so well- I learned how to restring the dolls on DOA and how to clean them properly and so much more.
    I did like I do when I get a new hobby- I cleared out ALOT of stuff I no longer am into or use and sold stuff in garage sales and Ebay to help afford my doll stuff, but it’s worth it if you decide to get into the hobby.

  22. My friend Jeanie is getting my hooked on them too! At 34 years old I don’t know how I’ll explain this to my wife…

  23. @Suigintou, no, that isn’t mine, it’s from the site that I linked to, which also has other Rozen Maidens and other customs.

    @ranmanekineko, Thanks for the lengthy reply, touched on some things I didn’t mention. *sigh* I’m still short on money for one.

    @Greg, you never know, your wife may get hooked as well once she starts seeing them~

  24. Yes… I do love the dolls from DoD. I need to get a job so I can afford all of this… xD

    I was wondering… you said your friend bought a doll from DoD? How did they send the doll to her? Did they send it in a carrier bag, or was it just in a cardboard box with cushions? (I want to know if I should buy a carrier bag for the dolls I’m buying)

    If you could email me your reply, I’d really appreciate it. ^_^

    (In case the email link on the right doesn’t work, my email address is

    Thanks so much, and good luck!

  25. Hi!!! I’m italian and I hope my english is good!!! I love dolls!!! Can you take in this site a photo of a Rozen Maiden’s doll?? I love it!! There are Hinaichigo and Kanaria? Please answer me!!! And sorry for my bad english!!! Sayonara!!!

  26. ^^;
    I don’t own any dolls (yet) so your best bet is to try those links under the photos if you want to see more~
    I’ve seen a Hinaichigo before, but not a Kanaria yet~

  27. I like the purple haired one next to the giant robot…..It’s cute. I forget her name but i almost dressed up as her on halloween. I can’t afford ABJDs. They’re way to expensive! I might just get a pullip and put it’s head on a MDD bodie. It would be the closest thing i could get to. It’s a good idea….you can use it if you want to. I was going to get a Souseiseki pulllip doll from Rozen Maiden. I thought it would be cool. I would have to get the body customized first.

  28. @kerru, the one next to Demonbane (the robot) is Al Azif :3
    I personally don’t like pullips, I tried really hard to at least be neutral with them, but I can’t >.< sorry =/

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  30. OMG!I soooooo want a super dollie of Kirakishou,Suigintou,and Barasiushou.


  32. if they don’t have the kirikishou dollfie then they’ll probably have it someday…………..i hope

  33. @Erionna – Aya and I live in Australia, and to the best of my knowledge, Hobby Link Japan ( have Dollfies for sale. They’re not cheap, though, so it’s best to think over carefully which one you want. Even more difficult, some Dollfies are convention specials; i.e. won’t be sold in online or brick-and-mortar shops.

    So, short of ordering online or actually flying to Japan, there’s not much else ways to get one of these dolls.

    @Joeie – As what I advised Erionna, look up or some other online store to find them. Thing is, most Dollfies are only a limited run–once that limited run is over, no more will be made. There are exceptions, but I wouldn’t bet on them.

    @XOX_Evette and @Genevieve – Sorry to say, I think the Rozen Maiden Dollfies are no longer being produced.

  34. does NOT have “dollfies” for sale. They tend to have fashion dolls and such but the traditional sense of ABJDollfies aren’t available at HLJ

    Rozen Maiden dollfies by Volks are limited editions, and the only way to get them now is via second hand stores, or auction sites. The ones featured in this post are customised ones from other dollfies.

  35. I am looking for a doll made by clamp toys for my wife. It is from and anime called angelic layer. I have searched everywhere for this doll. I am willing to pay whatever I have to in order to obtain this doll due to her health.
    if you have any idea where I can obtain one of have one that you may be willing to part with please e-mail me.

  36. i am looking for a doll that you can costumize. It is an angelic layer doll. I am a huge fan. I want one but i don’t know where to buy it. If you find a place. Please try to contact me. TAHNK YOU.

  37. Hi to all, I thought this could help, I found this website that can create a super-realistic doll heads of anyone from just a photo. Imagine making doll of yourself, your kids, your boss or your favorite celebrity!

    Apparently they can make the heads in many scales to fit Barbie-like dolls, Tonner dolls or even smaller figurines like Polly Pocket.

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