Vampiric Ki~ng?

Pachira from Magipoka


Pachira & Saber

Well, I collected my package today :3 In it was my 1/7 Pachira from 錬金3級 まじかる?ぽか~ん (Magipoka for short) by Max Factory and four Saber Revoltech 2G by Kaiyodo. Four!? you ask? 3 of them are ordered by my friends, and there’s another on the way (cause he ordered late…).

Anyway, I intend to eventually get a photo shoot with Pachira as she’s definitely one of my favs, I’ll prolly take Yuuma along with her on the future photo shoot. So this post is just my thoughts on the figures and a preview of future photo shoots…I guess preview is a lil misleading as I don’t actually take photos of the place, think of this as a “Hey! I got these awesome figures, wanna see them when I take photos of them in broad daylight~!?”

Pachira, absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t of dreamed of a better pose and sculpt. Everything is magnificent except for a few things, one being a very slight under/overpaint of the lingerie lines on one area, and also the roughened up part where you insert her clothes, I can see it rubbing off the paint should I get too fidgety with taking off and on her clothes…which is hard to resist (´・ω・)つ|・ ・


600×800 – There’s your delicious panty shot teaser~

Saber is a good poseable figure, the face and head is nice but she seems to stick her neck out front quite a bit, makes it a lil odd when standing still, unless you like the whole hunchback thing. Poseability is great tho, she’s my first Revoltech so I’m still quite amazed at how flexible they are compared to traditional action figures. Comes with two swords, Caliburn and Excalibur with Invisible Air Noble Phantasm, which is pretty cool I guess.



I’ll post details of these when I get around to the photo shoot, until then, feast your eyes on the crappy preview pics I posted :3

12 thoughts on “Vampiric Ki~ng?

  1. Haha yeah I understand exactly what you mean by “the roughened up part” :)
    I thought I would break her when I tried to remove her clothes :o
    But I had to do it! hehehe ^^

    It’s a fantastic figure indeed.

  2. @ron~, Ya, but I don’t really have many figures of human bodies, most of them are mecha like my Fei-Yen KNs

    @lu-k, Yea, that part annoys me a lil, but I hardly pay attention to that part since there’s something else I rather stare at…<drool>
    I was a bit worried about taking her apart, but I had confidence since I’ve done it a few times with other figures

    @Danny Choo, That’s Shana, and that’s only ONE of the MANY posters on my walls, perhaps I’ll have a page on my room with photos~ XD

  3. bring my saber today D:
    man you should have told me to order earlier with you all so i can get early bird discount but no… >_

  4. @David, hehe, you’ll have to wait a lil, I still got to post up my previous photo shoots, and I still got to think of a place for Pachira and also take into account the season of the year for the backdrops (as most of mine incorporate plantlife)

    @Kirakun, hmm, thought I fixed that problem >_<
    I’ll see what I can do about it soon

  5. @Aya, you need to set the second parameter on the wp_specialchars to 0 (if you did copy and paste, you’ll get 50 as second parameter). I believe the second parameter is the access level to trigger the function, that’s why you (registered person) can type those, but others don’t. Maybe I’ll put the tutorial on my blog when I have time :p

  6. “who would want to buy this?”I would. I don’t care for action figrues, I think it’s silly when I see grown ups buying anime figrues, but those I’d definitely buy and may end up with one.

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