Tsuruya - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya



1/4 scale of Tsuruya by FREEing was just listed on Hobby Stock. I didn’t expect that, I was thinking they’d do Yuki next, not Tsuruya. Well, I’m estatic, but I’m trying to hold my urges to purchase her as she is my favourite character in the Suzumiya Haruhi phenomenon.

Tsuruya details from Hobby Stock


UGH! To buy or not to buy, my wallet is crying! IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAND YEN~!!, 11,800 yen to be exact!
There’s more pics on the Hobby Stock site of delicious Tsuruya, her face does look a lil weird but I’m prepared to shrug that off >.<
Plus she’s standing, just take a look at her! She towers at 330mm~!!!

Tsuruya and the rest

GAH! I’ll have to ponder over a cup of tea…


10 thoughts on “SMOKED CHEESE!

  1. stop asking me about idolm@ster purchase Aya!!!
    everytime when i think of idolm@ster, i die a little inside
    i want to go to your house and steal it :D

  2. While the pose is luscious, that face says spend the cash on a different figure. Also, at 1/4 that’s huge. 330mm bent-over?

  3. @super rats, ya…face is leaving a lot to be desired, and that’s 330mm bent over @_@;;

    hmm, my blog looks very weird on a macintosh, I may need to modify it a bit (I’m in class, on a mac)

  4. The face looks a little bit off, and the yellow + green flash is a little too sharp for me… The legs and flowing hair is however redeeming.

    Might of fallen into the trap if I bought Haruhi, so… luckily I didn’t 200$ saved =)

  5. Tsuruya is my favourite character as well.

    They need more fof her and Ryoko!

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