Tricking an unwary person

Miyanokouji Mizuho - Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru


Miyanokouji Mizuho

Welcome to another photo shoot~ :3
At the moment I’m trying to post my older photo shoots so I can start showing my new stuff, I generally don’t take outdoor shots too often as I need to make free time and also make sure my friend has free time as well as I generally take photos of both our figures, I have gone alone but that’s for another post.

This time around, it’s delicious Mizuho from Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, a figure from my friend again (I should really give him a name). Fans of the series will know Mizuho’s true… er, gender, but really, I’m already confused on the whole story.

Mizuho 1



This is the same Royal Exhibition Building from the last photo shoot, as these were taken on the same day. This time we’re taking photos in the flowerbeds surrounding the water fountain just outside the south entrance to the exhibition building… I think =S

Mizuho 2


By this point in time, I was sweating from the searing ball of fire in the deep-blue sky, apparently the rash I had was because of my excessive sweating -_-;

Oh the pains I go through for such photography~ The last two photos however were taken at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, in the southern section… I think =S There was a ring of water with a subterranean centre in which there was a garden, but since we’re in a bit of a situation in regards to water reserves, the pool was fairly… dirty.

Mizuho 3



Trusty White Paper Use! But this time I kinda feel that it was used a lil too close as most of the photos tend to have this very obvious white shine on the figure, which is somewhat hard to see on a tiny LCD screen =/

Mizuho 4



Pretty, is what I can say. Mizuho looks quite appealing as a figure to her, I mean his anime/game counterpart. The details are in the right spots, the dress is flowing from a gust of air and the hair is spread gracefully, the creases are in the appropriate places. Seamlines are carefully hidden away (as I can’t even recall any obvious ones). A good quality sculpt by Alter, like they ever have a bad one.

Mizuho 5



The day was in general, hot. The photos came out a lil too yellow for my liking, you can see the horrid photos which I had to photoshop extensively in the Le Morte d’Arthur post. Mizuho came out a lil better so not too much ‘shopping was needed, but would of been better if I could eliminate heavy image manipulation.

Mizuho 6



Although it may look bland or boring for some, others may find the simple elegance and the innocent pose to be very appealing, like my friend :3
Just look at her, I mean his innocence!

Mizuho 7


Sorry about the lack of angles, I need to focus on getting proper “review” shots next time I’m at a photo shoot. I tend to get carried away snapping away at the figure and background instead of getting all around shots for review purposes. ^^;

Mizuho 8


Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
12th October 2006
Royal Exhibition Building, St.Patrick’s Cathedral

Details – Figure

Miyanokouji Mizuho
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru
Tokunaga Hironori
Release date
July 2006
Place of purchase
Retail price
4,800 yen
Bought it for
$54.15 AU
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
In Stock

Mizuki original illustration

Original illustration of Mizuho from the PC game

11 thoughts on “Tricking an unwary person

  1. Why thank you~ ^^
    I have to start exploring more to find nice spots for photo shoots, which requires me to actually go out and well, explore lol. Hopefully I’ll find new and interesting places in the future~

  2. After watching the OtoBoku series, I was looking for this so I could buy it, lol. But alas I couldn’t find one at the time and right now I can’t be bothered anymore. For some reason your photos look a bit unnatural. To me it appears your foreground is a little too bright making Mizuho not blend in with the rest of the photos. Though that may be the effect of the white paper reflector. Don’t be afraid to have shadows in your photos as shadows can give a really nice effect. Also, no panty shots?? lol

  3. lol, I’m sorry I’m sorry, I’ll add in panty shots for future photo shoots @_@;

    Yea, It’s prolly the white reflector, I was scared to take the photos with the sun behind me since it was really bright, it kinda created very harsh shadows so I tried this method instead, prolly not the best idea now that I look at it =/

  4. nice shot, I’ve seen this figurine panty shot, they made him as her ~_~

    I like mizuho07, the background isn’t that bright in that picture

  5. – ron~, ya, apparently still a he, just I dunno how he manages to hide it so well…

    – Danny Choo, Oh, you took a look at them? ^^;;
    I still got a lot of work in my photography, and I and I got a snapshot camera to work with first :3

    Thanks for the comments guys~

  6. Still thinking if I should get this figure, already have Takako and I’m very pleased with it but I’ve ordered Mirei-san from Shunya and Haruhi Max Factory from a friend’s store so I don’t know if I should get this one. The shots are great and the series are very cute typical rom a girl anime ^^

  7. Lovely background. Flowers are great for cute figurines (can’t really say “girls” for this one… hehe), but I prefer the last two, with some water :D
    This is a lovely place.

    I like this figurine, even if it may looks boring as you said. And I’m still considering about purchase the two other from OtoBoku.

    Hey Adun you know what, talking bout panty, the great thing about this figurien is that her panty’s color is pink! Yeah pink! And we can see a little of her shirt too :o
    Just for that this figurine is awesome ^^;

  8. I congratulate to you that beautiful photos, thank you very much!

    みやのこうじ みずほ

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