Himekuri’s Chaparral

Himekuri moda Nero

moda Nero

Himekuri Image Girl

Eighth post! This time it’s one of my friend’s figure revisited, welcome back Himekuri :3
These photos were actually taken a day after the previous Himekuri post along with Saber and Mizuho. Since this is a set of new photos of an already existing subject matter, I’ll skip the petty details and continue with the locale and photography topics.

Himekuri moda Nero 1



Once again, the photos were taken at the same location as Mizuho, I liked the flowers, especially the colours and the Royal Exhibition Building as well. Too bad the fountain wasn’t active =/

Himekuri moda Nero 2


Himekuri moda Nero 3



I tried to take photos of Himekuri on the box to give a lil height to get the flowers into view, I also tried taking photos of her while she was on the grass, which turned out great in my opinion. Then I also tried placing her INTO the flowers, that didn’t turn out so well with the reflecting light off the petals.

Himekuri moda Nero 4


Himekuri moda Nero 5



This was also a decent photo shoot, but the first pic is one of my favourites out of my whole collection of photos. Hopefully I’ll be able to produce better stuff in the future if I have the time.

Himekuri moda Nero 6


Himekuri moda Nero 7



I’ll try to keep myself from taking the same figures on photo shoots, unless there’s some sort of demand o_O
When I took these photos I didn’t really fully intend to actually publish them on the net, but it was a distant dream if you will. Look where I am now XD

Himekuri moda Nero 8


Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
12th October 2006
Royal Exhibition Building

Details – Figure

Himekuri Image Girl moda Nero
Comic HIMeKuRI
Enoki Tomohide aka eyewater
Release date
December 2005
Place of purchase
Empire Toys
Retail price
3,800 yen
Bought it for
$90.00!! AU Est
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
moda Nero (black) – In Stock
moda Bianca (white) – Discontinued
moda Noel (X-Mas) – In Stock

5 thoughts on “Himekuri’s Chaparral

  1. Up until now you did a great job on finding great backdrops. Even though I think that lifting a skirt at a place like that is a bit weird^^ Keep up the good work though. I like what I see =)

  2. Another lovely set of shots. Love the flowers in the background.
    Personally her eyes are a bit too small for my taste ^^;

  3. Too small~? o_O
    Thanks for the comment, I’m starting to like taking photos of the figures with appropriate plantlife in the back~

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