Hydrangea exorcismus

Caren Hortensia - Fate/hollow ataraxia

Fate/hollow ataraxia

Caren Hortensia

However you spell her name (I took the name directly from the box), Caren is just asking to be… bought. Wearing such clothes is just so damn enticing, and I snapped her up as soon as I found her on HLJ.

This is the second set of photos I took on the cold and chilly morning, with Black Saber being the first. So without further delay, here are the photos:

Caren Hortensia 1



Exactly the same location as Black Saber… I knew I shouldn’t of been a pussy and moved around the Cathedral more, but some of those church goers are so scary =/ Especially if they think you’re a demon spawn.

I need to harden up, that or bring a friend next time… but who the hell wants to get up at 6am or so to get to the photo shoot with me…

Caren Hortensia 2



I’m still bitter about the no fog business… damn weatherman, I knew I shouldn’t of believed in him ;_;
Not much else to say, other than I should of moved about more.

Caren Hortensia 3



Not as fappalicious as Black Saber, but still a decent figure by Alter. Her face seems a lil odd to me after I look at it for a while. the rest tho, is great, her legs are sexy and oh that pose~ It’s as if she’s inviting you to stare. There’s something about stockings that I can’t resist ^^;

Caren Hortensia 4


The sculpt is great, she sits firmly on the pedestal via a plug socket on her left foot, and her red cloth of Magdala has a point where it is plugged into her right leg.

Caren Hortensia 5


Paint job is also good, her hair is almost shining, a nice effect that doesn’t go overboard and shouts “GIMMICK~!”

Caren Hortensia 6



FOCUS~! I lack it, or rather, too much of it… bah I confuse myself. I noticed that I only ever take photos of her from ONE side, I should be out there taking photos from various sides and angles, at various positions around the location.

Sorry for the dodgy photos, I’ll promise to do better angles in future work, right now I still need to post up Meg (Bakuten) and Ymir (Queen’s Blade) I took a few weeks ago.

Caren Hortensia 7



FOG~! I love fog ;_; Where’s the fog!?
Again, decent photos for what they’re worth, just lacking a lot of creativity I guess. The location fits well in my opinion, if only I was allowed to take photos of figures INSIDE the cathedral walls, but alas, forbidden.

Caren Hortensia 8


Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
12th April 2007
St.Patrick’s Cathedral

Details – Figure

Caren Hortensia
Fate/hollow ataraxia
Saito Fumiki
Release date
December 2006
Place of purchase
Retail price
4,800 yen
Bought it for
$53.00 AU
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
In Stock – AND ON SALE (30%)

Caren Hortensia

Illustration of Caren taken from Fate/hollow ataraxia game
Gwuaaah, love those stockings~

9 thoughts on “Hydrangea exorcismus

  1. she is nice, but not exactly my taste ^^;

    the background suits her nicely, good job on this one

  2. Thanks :3
    Yea, that’s one part I love about reading other people’s blog, you get to know what they like by seeing their photos XD
    Sorry about this one, I couldn’t really get a… “panty” shot for ya =/

  3. I like the figure but i am not sure whether i told you this before or not.
    the settings is great but it is just too bright.
    fog would be nice but evening in Melbourne would be splendid.
    Cause as i played the game i recall seeing her in the dark often.
    Probably a darker scenery would be better?
    I don’t know! I am just a bloody accountant

    P.S. In hopes of Bandai to port PS3! Attempting to connect PSP with my injured PS3 over in Singapore from Melbourne. Firmware 3.5 Go Go Go!

  4. You sure seem to be churning out a lot of photo shoots, lol. Not that it’s a bad thing. Although still, 7 a.m is pretty early, but I want to try something crazy, and that is one at sunrise! Though whether I can do such a thing depends on how lazy I am.

    As for the photos, well yeah, it does lack creativity (assuming you are aiming for that). Try shooting from an off angle rather than straight forward. Take into mind the way that the figure is posed and adjust the way you look at the figure. Remember, you are looking at a world through a lens, not with your eyes.

  5. @Adun, lol, It’s not that I’m churning out a lot, it’s just that I got a backlog of it from the past year-ish. Yea, I need to address that angle thing, although the photo shoot later on the same day was with Meg and Ymir and I think I did a better job of taking more unique shots rather than a static frontal shot.

    @Belela-san, yea ^^; I still need to find more locations for future shots too~

    @David, Thanks~ ^^ Now if only there was fog…

    @Danny Choo, yea, you can try to take the red cloth of Magdala but you’ll see holes and stuff ^^;;

  6. very nice photos, i like this Caren figure more that the other 1/6 version, this one is more interesting. this is a perfect setting for her since she’s a priest, but funny clothing for a priest though haha

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