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Black Saber - Fate/hollow ataraxia

Fate/hollow ataraxia

Black Saber

Elegant Gothic Lolita… I like it, so when I heard they’re making a Black Saber with a gothic dress I jumped at it, no questions asked. This figure was bought in Japan while I was there, a whole pile of them on display at the store. It took over two months for my mega cardboard box of figure heaven to arrive, partly because the post office didn’t tell me it was in, EVEN WHEN I ASKED ABOUT IT!! =_=

Well, here’s the first part of this photo shoot, the second involves Caren Hortensia (Karen Ortensia, whichever tickles your fancy). Enjoy!

Black Saber 1



New place, somewhat… it’s the southern entrance to St.Patrick’s Cathedral just outside the Melbourne CBD on Cathedral Pl. The bluestone and the green shrubbery appealed to me for some reason. The building was appropriate in my view, constructed in the style of Gothic Revival.

This was a solo trip for me, no buddies to watch my back or a carry mule =/
It was early tho, about 7am ^^; While everyone is in mass, meaning less people, meaning I have a time limit!

Black Saber 2



It was supposed to be foggy, but the weather man lied =_=
Instead it was an overcast, which was still better than bright sunlight for this Black Saber. I had to use a mini tripod for this photo shoot, some of the shots needed it.

Black Saber 3



Seriously, who doesn’t hate this figure. The sculpt is awesome, not much bad about it, but for one thing, when you take off her er, skirt, the gap between her legs and her top is fairly large, so you can’t really display her without the skirt unless you do a bit of modification (which is NOT recommended unless you KNOW what the hell you’re doing… or if you’re feeling lucky).

Colours, or lack of, are perfect. The paint job is good, and it’s what you expect from Alter. I havn’t noticed any noticeable defects with the paint job, it’s so good right down to the stocking details.

Black Saber 4



Never believe the weather man!
The photos turned out ok, one of my favourite set of photos actually, but that’s possibly because of the figure and not the photos themselves ^^;
A few people passed by with curious looks, some smiled as they walked by in a friendly gesture, some just looked and wondered if I was some demon spawn =/

Black Saber 5


Black Saber 6



I wanted to see fog, oh well.
Photo shoot was ok, but felt a lil rushed. Photos turned out ok I guess, taking them in the morning is somewhat refreshing, maybe I should do it more often.
Black Saber was a worthy purchase, I’d gladly buy her again :3

Black Saber 7


Black Saber 8


Details – Photo shoot

Nikon Coolpix P2
12th April 2007
St.Patrick’s Cathedral

Details – Figure

Black Saber
Fate/hollow ataraxia
Kawahara Takayuki
Release date
July 2006
Place of purchase
Sofmap Store, Akihabara, Japan
Retail price
4,200 yen
Bought it for
3,580 yen ($42.50 AU at the time)
Availability – HLJ (at time of writing)
Discontinued :(

Chibi Black Saber

Chibi Black Saber is chibiiii~ <3


As with the previous Saber post, I made a wallpaper of this photo, I made a few sizes, but if you want a custom made one such as no text or something, then just say so :3
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14 thoughts on “Hic Jacet Arturia

  1. it is all great and all but the Saber in HJ is better!!
    Saber in bikini *drools*..
    go get it for me :D
    you will be my bestest best friend
    things there are so pricey (つω;)

  2. 7a.m!! Damn that’s really early. Though I’m surprised that it wasn’t cloudy as Melbourne seems to be always cloudy, lol. Your pictures don’t look too bad and you chose a good spot and angle, which is something I find very difficult in my outdoor shoots.

  3. @Kirakun, I’m not a fan of swimsuits =/ and wait, I’m not your bestest best friend? ;_;

    @Adun, 7…I had to get up damn early to prepare, it was still dark! Thanks, it took me a few minutes to choose a good spot, but in hindsight I should of taken more photos at different locations on the cathedral grounds.

  4. nice sets of photo of Black Dress Saber. I have always thought that a Cathedral is quite a perfect setting for her

  5. @valho, lol, posted at the same time. Thanks! I also thought of a cathedral when I was thinking of a place for Black Saber and Caren, since well…Caren is a nun~ XD

  6. bsaber_03 is my fav. Again, great photoshoot. Only drawback is the dust on her clothes. Should’ve cleaned her before^^;

    Yay, own avatar, w00t!

  7. Thanks for the comments

    @ron~, my latest photo shoot, which was taken later on that day has panty shots for you @_@

    @David, the dust was hard to get off, even when i cleaned her, I guess I need to do a more thorough job next time~

    @Danny Choo, thanks :3

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