Newish stuff Figures everywhere! Since this blog was inactive for quite some time, I think it’s a good idea to show off some of the new figure additions! This also gives me a chance to ask you guys which figures you would like to see featured in future photo shoots as well. Some of these figures can be classified as “old”, but I did receive them within the last few months ^^;;

Evelyn in Wonderland

Yuki Nagato Dollfie Dream II Evelyn T. Mutsu Biiiig delay since my last photo shoot. I still have some more goodies for this blog incoming as well :3 The past few weeks have been choking up my free time so I’m sorry about the lack of activity, and especially about not being able to visit other blogs, I feel like I’m neglecting a lot of you out there @_@;; Without much more to say, on with the show!

Dollfie Glamour

Yuki Nagato Dollfie Dream II Evelyn T. Mutsu Yay! I managed to get this done earlier than I thought, so here it is, some heavily stylised photos of the Evelyn, the Yuki Nagato Dollfie Dream II. She still only has the clothes that came packaged with her, so I couldn’t really do much else. Extra clothes are on the way though, so maybe a lil variety will cheer her up. A word of warning before we move on, if you’re not a fan of doll joints, you may want to reconsider reading on, otherwise read on!


Old Package Smoked Cheese? I couldn’t blog about this the day I got it since I was really busy with an assessment (which was due today!), so here it is. Received this on the 13th, which is a while since it was released before then. You may of heard I had some troubles with HLJ’s shipping as it was supposed to be shipped with another figure for a friend of mine, but it was sold out =/

I Heart You!

Singles awareness day… Happy late Valentines! I know I’m late, but that’s what I do best :3 For those lucky couples, Valentines is a great day to spend together, whether it be to have a nice picnic, go out for a shopping spree, watch a movie, go to the beach or just cuddle up in bed. For those unlucky enough (either by choice or not) to not have a partner, Valentines can be just another day, a day of roneryness, a day of envy or just a reflection of just how messed up your love life has been XD Today I have a few important announcements, so read on if you want to be entertained~