Symphonic Pleasure

eminence Destiny Reunion Okies, short post, BECAUSE I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES~! >8( I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures…which goes to show how fun it was. For those who don’t know, Destiny Reunion is a concert by eminence. They specialise in anime and video game music orchestral performances and do tours all over the world. They are the premier symphonic musicians of today.

Gather for a story~

Vanillaware Odin Sphere with Artworks It’s HERE! I had to order this through since it had the Odin Sphere with Artworks listed, unlike Play-Asia that couldn’t give me a definite answer about the artbook. The Odin Sphere Artworks was a special pre-order item only available to Japan orders, so I had to act fast to secure a copy since I was fairly late in pre-ordering one. I had to order 2 copies, my friend was also excited about it, and is the main reason why I got into it thus making me use more of my precious money…