The Scarlet Box

Shoujo S Based on the illustration by Hanaharu Naruko, this little figure is delicately sculpted by Max Factory under Native Web. I decided to take photos of it indoors, as taking it outdoors might be a little complicated… Only issue is my indoor photography skills are lacking, considering I don’t have the right indoor equipment.

Stereogram Experiments

Stereoscopic images 3D vision, the new consumer sensation. You see it everywhere, from the big screen cinemas, to smallest hand held console, it seems to be everywhere all of a sudden. Some of you may have encountered some images in the past that have two images side by side. These are more likely than not, stereograms. For this specific type of image, one needs to cross their eyes so that both images merge into a single image in the centre.


Newish stuff Figures everywhere! Since this blog was inactive for quite some time, I think it’s a good idea to show off some of the new figure additions! This also gives me a chance to ask you guys which figures you would like to see featured in future photo shoots as well. Some of these figures can be classified as “old”, but I did receive them within the last few months ^^;;


Old Package Smoked Cheese? I couldn’t blog about this the day I got it since I was really busy with an assessment (which was due today!), so here it is. Received this on the 13th, which is a while since it was released before then. You may of heard I had some troubles with HLJ’s shipping as it was supposed to be shipped with another figure for a friend of mine, but it was sold out =/

Der kleine Vampir

Magical? Poka~n Pachira is Vampire DELICIOUS FLAT CHEST!! There, I said it, she has one of the most drool-inducing chest in the anime world (in my opinion). Now, this post won’t actually consist of any bare chest as mentioned… (there goes the majority of my viewers…) BUT for those armpit lovers, stay seated! This will be the last set of the photos taken last year as I decided not to post the Himekuri moda noel, there was just not enough good photos in the set I took =/ Oh well, onto the photos!