Der kleine Vampir

Magical? Poka~n Pachira is Vampire DELICIOUS FLAT CHEST!! There, I said it, she has one of the most drool-inducing chest in the anime world (in my opinion). Now, this post won’t actually consist of any bare chest as mentioned… (there goes the majority of my viewers…) BUT for those armpit lovers, stay seated! This will be the last set of the photos taken last year as I decided not to post the Himekuri moda noel, there was just not enough good photos in the set I took =/ Oh well, onto the photos!

Solve et Coagula

Magical? Poka~n Uma is Witch This is my first indoor shoot that I’m posting on Moe Idolatry, using Uma, or Yuuma, as the subject. The series, 錬金3級 まじかる?ぽか~ん, or Magipoka for short is a fairly out there anime, four girls from different walks of life, from an android to a vampire, live peacefully together. Uma is the witch, an energetic, flat chested, somewhat qualified witch. Uma is really pronounced Yuuma indicated by the Japanese spelling, but is written as Uma in English, if also spelt Uma instead of Yuuma in Japanese you’d get Horse… Being the first indoor photo shoot with props and all, I didn’t really know what to expect. Here goes, photos for your witch burning party~

Vampiric Ki~ng?

Preview Pachira & Saber Well, I collected my package today :3 In it was my 1/7 Pachira from 錬金3級 まじかる?ぽか~ん (Magipoka for short) by Max Factory and four Saber Revoltech 2G by Kaiyodo. Four!? you ask? 3 of them are ordered by my friends, and there’s another on the way (cause he ordered late…). Anyway, I intend to eventually get a photo shoot with Pachira as she’s definitely one of my favs, I’ll prolly take Yuuma along with her on the future photo shoot. So this post is just my thoughts on the figures and a preview of future photo shoots…I guess preview is a lil misleading as I don’t actually take photos of the place, think of this as a “Hey! I got these awesome figures, wanna see them when I take photos of them in broad daylight~!?”