Dollfies Xmas

Volks Doll’s Party 20 Long time no post! Sorry about the lack of updates, I don’t really have an excuse other than having to grind at Uni >.< Unfortunately my work isn’t too “moé” so I don’t think it’ll have a place on this blog, but maybe one day XD. Today I’m showing you guys that haven’t heard the new Dollfie Dream lineup that Volks will be showcasing at Doll’s Party 20. The event is held at Tokyo Big Sight on the 7th December 2008, a tad earlier than the usual date of Christmas. So, without delay, here they are!

Xmas came early!

GOOD APPEAL!! Japan Packages Today, I got what I wanted for a whiiillee~ I have a friend who’s staying in Japan for a year on the JET program (teaching english etc). Now, he’s also a fairly obsessive otaku and a kind one at that, he’d get stuff that I wanted from Japan that would otherwise be unavailable, or too costly for me to get.Today two packages came in the mail from him :3 This is all the things he managed to get for me during that whole summer event period in Japan, I wish I had given him more money… Again, apologies for crappy indoor shots~

Vampiric Ki~ng?

Preview Pachira & Saber Well, I collected my package today :3 In it was my 1/7 Pachira from 錬金3級 まじかる?ぽか~ん (Magipoka for short) by Max Factory and four Saber Revoltech 2G by Kaiyodo. Four!? you ask? 3 of them are ordered by my friends, and there’s another on the way (cause he ordered late…). Anyway, I intend to eventually get a photo shoot with Pachira as she’s definitely one of my favs, I’ll prolly take Yuuma along with her on the future photo shoot. So this post is just my thoughts on the figures and a preview of future photo shoots…I guess preview is a lil misleading as I don’t actually take photos of the place, think of this as a “Hey! I got these awesome figures, wanna see them when I take photos of them in broad daylight~!?”

Le Morte d’Arthur

Fate/stay night Saber Aaah~ The proper Saber that spawned the infamous Sader. Well, this figure is of my friend’s again (seems like I’m just leeching his stuff…), and this is an old one he had, before that hellspawn showed up on the vast information highway. These photos were taken a day after the previous two posts’ figures, and it was another sunny (and hot) day. I decided to head to the Royal Exhibition Building located on the outskirts of the CBD and next to the Melbourne Museum/IMAX theatre. These photos turned out a lil less than expected…