The Lone Path

Dollfie Photoshoot Today we’ll be seeing Arturia Pendragon, a Volks DollfieDream2. These photos were taken waaay back when Danny Choo held the Miss Dollfie Summer 2009 on So, here’s the entries for Arturia who managed to claim 1st place. Grats to those who also competed! This photoshoot was taken on the 5th August 2009 at St.Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne. For those who remember (possible none of you) I’ve also used this location for some other photoshoots in the past. One of which was the Saber Alter figure by Alter.

Elusive Aya

Oh no! D: Lengthy delays *sigh* It’s come to my attention that I can’t really keep this site as updated as I used to because of uni work. While the blog isn’t dead, it could sure be much more lively lol. So what can you expect? Well, the blog will continue in this dreary path for perhaps the rest of this year. I’ll be sure to post more often once the heavy load of my studies subside. OTL On a side note, as some of you may know, even more Dollfies announced by Volks.

Return of the King

Dollfie Dream II – Saber Alter Arturia Pendragon キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!! Here she is, the Volks’ Dollfie Dream II Saber Alter. It’s been a long few months agonising about her. I even had a bloody dream about her @_@; If that’s not an unhealthy obsession, I don’t know what is. I had to wait a day to take these photos because I needed natural sunlight, and even then, the photos are quite messy. So I tried hiding it with my trusty photoshop >.>