White Track

Snow trip! While it’s blistering hot in Japan (presumably), we’re enjoying winter down in Australia, or at least, some parts of it that aren’t in constant “summer”. We’ve taken this opportunity where some friends and I were free on a weekend to take a trip to Mt.Buller, a popular ski location for locals and foreigners alike. It’s a 4 hour drive from central Melbourne to the mountain, so we did a one day trip, with dollfies in tow. Three to be exact, I’ll be introducing a new friend, Rina. Over the course of many months I’ve managed to convince a friend of mine to also be a proud owner of a dollfie.

Stereogram Experiments

Stereoscopic images 3D vision, the new consumer sensation. You see it everywhere, from the big screen cinemas, to smallest hand held console, it seems to be everywhere all of a sudden. Some of you may have encountered some images in the past that have two images side by side. These are more likely than not, stereograms. For this specific type of image, one needs to cross their eyes so that both images merge into a single image in the centre.

Dress Up!

ToHeart2 Dollfie Cosplay A while ago Danny Choo hosted the Miss Dollfie Summer 2009 event, and he has managed to secure some items as prizes too. One of which was the ToHeart2 clothes set by Azone courtesy of Hobby Link Japan. Today we’ll be seeing Evelyn and Arturia as they try on some clothes they’ve never been in with the help of each other :3