Petite Post – Doll Market

The free table Went to the Doll Market in Ivanhoe with Rinka, Nazae and Mr.From, all of whom are Dollfie Dream owners. We were the first to put up Dollfies on the free table (there were two others reserved for doll communities) Wondering what the Doll Market is? It’s a small market where doll enthusiasts gather to buy, sell, talk and generally have a good time. Just a note tho, the market isn’t just for Dollfies, but all sorts of dolls.

Forever Together

Happy Valentines Been months since last update. Here’s why, I was in Japan. Bought a few (tons) of goodies, and of course, new stuff for my lil dollfies. Since it was Valentines yesterday, I would of preferred to post this up then, but I was busy with work. I admit, I rushed these photos, which is why there’s only a few. Not to mention the photos were indoors too, kinda not my forte :P Hopefully I’ll be able to get an outdoor shoot one day… Soooo, here’s a late Valentines photoset!