Newish stuff Figures everywhere! Since this blog was inactive for quite some time, I think it’s a good idea to show off some of the new figure additions! This also gives me a chance to ask you guys which figures you would like to see featured in future photo shoots as well. Some of these figures can be classified as “old”, but I did receive them within the last few months ^^;;

Le Morte d’Arthur

Fate/stay night Saber Aaah~ The proper Saber that spawned the infamous Sader. Well, this figure is of my friend’s again (seems like I’m just leeching his stuff…), and this is an old one he had, before that hellspawn showed up on the vast information highway. These photos were taken a day after the previous two posts’ figures, and it was another sunny (and hot) day. I decided to head to the Royal Exhibition Building located on the outskirts of the CBD and next to the Melbourne Museum/IMAX theatre. These photos turned out a lil less than expected…