Important notice:
If you’re transferring to iOS from Android (or vice versa) your Star Jewels will NOT be transferred, so please make sure you use them up before making the move!

Here’s a collection of misc stuff.

Panel Missions
Binding Account/Data Migration
Sorting Screen

Panel Missions

You can find your progress with Panel Missions by checking the Headlines section of your Home Screen. One of the sliders will be the Panel Missions, simply press it.
Finish the first panel and unlock “We’re the friends!”

Finish the second panel and unlock “夕映えプレゼント” (Yuubae Present)

Finish the second panel and unlock “GOIN’!!!”

Binding Account/Data Migration

So you’re getting that annoying popup at the start of the game?
You can bind your account in the event that you need to restore it to a new device.
I’ve never had to do this, but I presume you will need to click on Data Migration in the Menu screen and log into your Bandai Namco ID account. Note that you can only do this after the tutorial.

So, to bind:



This will now bring you to a page to log in/sign up for a Bandai Namco ID.
You can make one on a PC beforehand (just easier…)


Fill out your details, and when you get to the country/region part, make sure it’s set to this:

Once the account is created, you can use that to bind.

Sorting Screen