Live Screen

The main screen! This is where you select your songs you’d like to play.

Live Selection– Select your song/live to play.
Live Setting– Change speed.
Live Results– What you gain and how they are used.
Some tips

Live Selection:

In this particular screenshot, there is a Money Up event, which you can see next to the Start button.

You can also see the time until the Trainer Ticket bonus period, and you can turn on/off the notifications for it. Trainer Ticket bonus period increases the chances of getting more Trainer Tickets (to level up your idols) from the Live rewards.

The difficulty settings are from Debut to Master, the star next to it is the MV (Music Video) which is unlocked after you complete Master.


After you select a song and support, you’ll be brought to this screen:


Live Settings:

You can also change your settings on the top right with the Live Setting button. Here you can change the speed of the notes.

Live Results:

Here you can see the results!
Money gained can be used at your room to buy furniture, songs and upgrades.
Fans gained will affect your producer rank. Some idols will require a specific amount of fans before a new communication shows up.
You will also see the bonding points gained for the idols. Max bonding will increase their stats, and also allow them to be awakened to + rarity. Some communications will also depend on this.


Some tips:

– Try and use an appropriate type team. For Cool songs, use a Cool team as they gain a bonus to their Appeal (which affect points). Unless of course, your other team just blows your Cool team out of the water…
– Rainbow type songs means you can use pretty much any team, assemble the best one you got!
– Frame rate spikes? Try setting the performance to 3D standard, or perhaps try the super cute 2D modes instead :3