Wanna try my juices?

WTF? Kirajuice Ok, I’ll explain this so called Kirajuice, a friend of mine, Kirakun here, has some sort of infatuation with Kira Yamato of Gundam SEED, but story is for another day. One day he showed me this drink, it had the look of diluted blood, so I was a lil hesitant, but it tastes AWESOME. A mix of “100 Plus” brand Isotonic drink (such as Pacari Sweat) and Ribena mix (not the pre-diluted crap) will conjure up this fantastically refreshing drink. Only problem is the name… as weird as Pacari Sweat.

World War: Moé

ACH TUNG! Mecha Musume Figumate SIXTEENTH POST~! Today I received my package of Konami’s new Figumate series, Mecha Musume, along with my friend’s very healthy Beat Angel Escalayer by Alter. Mecha Musume trading figures have been around for a while, being based on Shimada Humikane’s work, who I idolise greatly, which is in turn an amalgamation of moé girls with various machines of war. Mecha Musume has now entered the Figumate realm! :3 These are just some photos of the items, I don’t really expect a full blown outdoor photo shoot with these lil cuties, but who knows.

Loli Pelekus – EDIT

Queen’s Blade Steel Iron Princess Ymir Here it is, the last of my available photo shoots. After this I’ll have to go out and take some more photos if I want to post more, so don’t expect a photo shoot to appear every two days anymore lol. Ymir, or Yuumiru, is one of the characters from Queen’s Blade, a series of “combat picture books” of the Lost World series, a kind of visual traditional RPG (not the video game genre). I don’t know much about it, but I do love the illustrations :3 So here’s the photos~

Vanity Fair – EDIT

爆裂天使 Meg And here it is, my latest photo shoot, 12th April 2007, in the sunny afternoon under the deep-blue sky. I was in the photographer’s mood after taking the photos of Black Saber and Caren. This is one of my friend’s figures, the same friend who I’ve been dragging along in previous photo shoots, Meg from Bakuretsu Tenshi by Alter. This trip had my friend and I carrying 3 figures, Meg, Ymir (Queen’s Blade) and also Rina Rindou (Pastel Chime). So, here’s Meg!