Lightsaber Creation Plant

Custom Soundfont – Blade styles – OLED animations

These are made by an amateur, with limited support, so I decided to put these up for free.
but like… feel free to donate to me via Ko-fi via the pink link on the bottom left… but not because I want it!

I basically make these for my own fun, so don’t expect to have much support because to be honest, I’m just as clueless as a potato.

Special thanks to the people who donated! (Hosting costs a bomb…)

  • ravi
  • Jason

In saying that, if you do have any suggestions, please feel free to drop me a line on twitter or reddit. Whether or not I will/can do anything about it, is up in the air. And if you manage to convert these to other boards and want to spread the love, definitely let me know too!

Fonts are packaged with blade styles (including any GraFx files) and OLED animations.

All previews were demonstrated on my only saber, running:
CFX firmware v10.007F – Sabertrio Pre-configuration 6.0
If yours is not at the same version, I cannot guarantee it’s compatibility.

I’ll add more packages here when I get around to it.

To package and add:
– Lite versions of the soundfonts that removes pre-on ignitions and voice lines.

List of soundfonts I’d like to make but will prolly take forever:
– Mordred (Fate series)
– Altera (Fate series)
– Another Gundam inspired one (G-Witch? Wing?)
– Black Rock Shooter (Black Rock Shooter series)
– Chainsword/Power sword (Warhammer 40k… has someone done this yet?)

Soundfonts list:

EXIA (Gundam Exia – Gundam 00)

I wanted to create something based on the GN Drives and beam sabers of Gundam Exia, something that generally gets overlooked since it has the main blade as it’s melee weapon. Since Gundam 00 has one of the most iconic sounds to come from an AU timeline, I really wanted to put it onto a saber!

Altereactor (Mysterious Heroine X Alter – Fate/Grand Order)

So, there’s a parody of Star Wars in Fate/Grand Order, title Saber Wars. I guess their Sith equivalent is this. There was no way I wouldn’t make this so here it is, Altereactor. As a slight note, the video below is slightly outdated as I changed some settings for the blade, but generally it’s the same :)

Excalibur Morgan (Artoria Saber Alter – Fate/Grand Order)

One of my favourite edgy servants. Got inspired to use some medieval chants for the hums. Really wanted a nice red/purple blade so here it is. With a fairly long preon and poweroff, it gave me some room to be creative with the GraFX.

Dragon Witch (Jeanne d’Arc Avenger Alter – Fate/Grand Order)

Another favourite edgy servant. Similar to the EXCALIBUR MORGAN soundfont, decided to use the song “Chant à Sainte Jeanne d’Arc” and warp it for the subtle unsettling hum you hear. Since I couldn’t decide if I wanted a red or blue, I decided to make both haha. This is the firey red/orange.

Dragon Witch Alter (Jeanne d’Arc Avenger Alter – Fate/Grand Order)

And this is the firey blue/purple.

Asawin Jedi/อัศวินเจได (Meditation type – Thai Buddhism)

Wanted a calming soundfont, and I couldn’t find one available. Soooo, here’s my take on being in a state of zen.

Haven’t had the chance to create a proper video for this so you only got this 30s preview of the Alms version (Buddhist Robe Colour):

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