New Look Annnd done. The place has been changed a little, mainly the colour scheme, but everything should pretty much be the same. I hope I haven’t broken anything… So if any of you crickets around find an issue, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Expect an update within a week!

Status Hold

Temporary Stall Uni work Ok, here’s the situation, I’m flooded with work! This final year of uni is proving to be an uphill struggle of epic uphill struggleness that dwarfs all other vertical conflicts of attrition… perhaps not as cool sounding as I’m putting it but it’s hard nonetheless.

Best lì xì ever

Happy Chinese New Year Package is here! Remember that mysterious bag? It’s finally arrived into my hands :3 Unfortunately I only noticed this cardboard box package at night, no one told me they brought the package in from the delivery man >.> That means I can’t get good photos. So for now, all I can say is this is the best package I’ve recieved on a Chinese New Year :3 More photos tomolo when I have daylight… Lì xì is what the Vietnamese call the red envelope tradition. Since I’m half Vietnamese I thought it was appropriate :3