The World Is All One!

iM@S 5th Anniversary! This. Was. Expensive. Behold, the bluray boxset for THE iDOLM@STER 5th Anniversary concert has finally arrived after a delayed release. I managed to get my hands on the limited edition which includes a box, and a DVD of “The H@ppiness New Ye@r P@rty !! 2011” concert. Each bluray (two in total) comes with a lil photo book from the night of the concerts (which was two days, I think). You even get to see Rie Kuguuuuuu~ which is kinda rare from what I gathered.

iM@S Memorial

Best of 765+876=!! On Friday 9th July I received something quite special to me. This is possibly my last audio CD purchase for THE iDOLM@STER series as it was. From now on I’ll prolly only be getting the 2nd Vision line of stuff, which started off with the release of Dearly Stars on the NDS.

Japan Package #4

Anti-wallet express Goodies from Japan I managed to squeeze some time to actually do a proper post. Long story short, I’m bogged down with work, uni work and sick family members >.< So, this package was actually received on the 28th of last month and I didn’t had time to update on the day =/

Vocaloid Love

Moéblobs Isn’t it sad Haku ;_; There are some things which I just can’t stay quiet about, I try to not post random anime things here that isn’t really relevant to what my blog is about, so I refrain from post youtubes and the like. BUT THIS IS AN EXCEPTION! This is something so incredibly moé that I died. And it is for that reason why this post is being, well…posted