Figure modding It’s been a long time coming. Today I’ll be briefly going through the process of modding a Konami Mecha Musume trading figure. In an earlier post I went into details on another Mecha Musume, the T-34, so for a more in depth tutorial, go there since this post is mainly just an overview. So, let’s get started!

To the eastern front!

Moé Idolatry Article T-34 Tutorial In the three-ninth kingdom, there was a T-34 tank, of Soviet origin that stood at the ready for months on end, gathering dust that would only very occasionally be cleaned away. She stood patiently until a hand from the sky came and held her, and took her to the wide plains below. Only to be striped and disassembled XD Today I’ll be going through the first parts of weathering a Soviet T-34 (T-34/76 as the Germans knew it). For those interested, read on!

The Soviet Army approaches!

Polls polls polls New poll! The last poll indicated that people wanted to see the Soviet T-34-76 as the subject of weathering. Right now I’m half way through the actual weathering, I should be able to post the tutorial and results early-mid next week (I forgot I needed some moddleing supplies…). A new poll is in effect, I couldn’t think of anything so it’ll be another list of Mecha Musume I have that I’d like to start weathering in the near future. Click on the name to see a picture~ I’m doing a lil more work than usual for this particular Mecha Musume as I wanted to challenge myself a lil so it’ll take longer than a normal weathering session. The effort should pay off tho, so stay tuned!