Old Package Smoked Cheese? I couldn’t blog about this the day I got it since I was really busy with an assessment (which was due today!), so here it is. Received this on the 13th, which is a while since it was released before then. You may of heard I had some troubles with HLJ’s shipping as it was supposed to be shipped with another figure for a friend of mine, but it was sold out =/

The Soviet Army approaches!

Polls polls polls New poll! The last poll indicated that people wanted to see the Soviet T-34-76 as the subject of weathering. Right now I’m half way through the actual weathering, I should be able to post the tutorial and results early-mid next week (I forgot I needed some moddleing supplies…). A new poll is in effect, I couldn’t think of anything so it’ll be another list of Mecha Musume I have that I’d like to start weathering in the near future. Click on the name to see a picture~ I’m doing a lil more work than usual for this particular Mecha Musume as I wanted to challenge myself a lil so it’ll take longer than a normal weathering session. The effort should pay off tho, so stay tuned!

Dual Delight

Nintendo DS NDS Skins Ok, so I lied =/ Sorry that this isn’t a post of a figure shoot, that’s planned for this Sunday/Monday. Right… I splurged more money… Story goes (it’s a short one) that my friend who visited me at work brought along his DS like usual, cept this time he brought what we both have been waiting for a while. Doki Doki Majou Shinpan, that’s right, it’s the game that makes touching good~ Anyway, I caved in, there’s simply more games on the DS I want to play than the PSP =/ Now, a NDS isn’t a cheap thing (comparative to figures…) but at work, I found a customer who actually worked at EB Games at DFO. He offered to help me get a discount on the NDS which was fine by me.